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Maintenance - Mitsubishi Electric T-SB116EH-W-CA Instruction Manual

Hand dryer
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Maintenance and cleaning of the exterior
Before the unit starts looking too dirty
Always turn off the power when
cleaning the unit.
Do not splash water on the unit.
Drain tank
Hand drying area
Black wall area
Sensor + Illumination lamp
Drain hose
Wear gloves when cleaning.
Wait till the heater exterior cools down before
starting maintenance. (It may cause burn.)
The antimicrobial material is effective when bacteria comes into contact with
the surfaces
(Shaded area in the figure at left).
If those surfaces are dirty the antimicrobial material will not be
Wipe with a well-wrung wet rag
If the unit is very dirty, dip a rag in a neutral cleaning agent and wipe, then wipe
clean with a dry rag.
Remove dust from the sensor. (To prevent malfunction.)
Only use neutral cleaning agents.
Do not use thinner, benzene, or other acidic or
alkaline toilet cleaners, or plastic scrub brushes.
(These will damage the plastic and painted parts.)
Only the hand-drying area can be cleaned with
alcohol. (Do not use alcohol at any places other than the hand-drying area.)
* Alcohol means the sterilizing ethanol (concentration 83%
or under).
* When cleaning the hand-drying area with alcohol, the
alcohol may drop along the drain hose and accumulate in the
drain tank. It could frost the drain window. Make sure to
drain alcohol accumulated in the drain tank after cleaning
with alcohol.
Chemical cloths should be used as indicated in their
Disinfecting agents will damage the product.
When the power switch is turned on after cleaning,
make sure to remove hands or any foreign substance
from the hand-drying area. Otherwise, it may
deteriorate the sensitivity of sensor.
When the sensor sensitivity has deteriorated, turn the
power switch off once and back on again 40 seconds