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Kenwood DRV-N520 Instruction Manual

Kenwood DRV-N520 Instruction Manual

Dashboard camera


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Model DRV-N520
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Dashboard camera
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Table of Contents

Summary of Contents for Kenwood DRV-N520

  • Page 1 Record the serial number, found on the back of the unit, in the spaces designated on the warranty card, and in the space provided below. Refer to the model and serial numbers whenever you call upon your Kenwood dealer for information or service on the product. Model DRV-N520...
  • Page 2: Table Of Contents

    Specifications ........40 Disclaimer • Please note that JVC KENWOOD shall not be responsible for any damages suffered by the customer or a third party as a result of incorrectly using this product, a failure during use of this product, or other trouble, or due to the use of this product, unless such liability is acknowledged by law.
  • Page 3: Precautions And Notices

    Caring for your device Precautions and notices • Taking good care of your device will ensure trouble-free operation and reduce the risk of damage. • Warning! Do not operate the device • Keep your device away from excessive while driving. Using this product moisture and extreme temperatures.
  • Page 4: Precautions For Use

    Precautions for Use FCC WARNING This equipment may generate or use Precautions for Installation radio frequency energy. Changes or • Install the device in a position where modifications to this equipment may it will not block the front view of the cause harmful interference unless the driver (position where hidden by the modifications are expressly approved...
  • Page 5 • When the lens is dirty, gently wipe it to the usage conditions of the SD card. with a soft cloth dampened with water. Please note that JVC KENWOOD cannot Rubbing the lens strongly with a dry compensate for any damages arising cloth may cause scratches.
  • Page 6: Accessories

    Accessories Requests Regarding Disposal or Transferring Ownership of an SD Card • Using the SD card format and deletion 1Power cord x1 functions of this device or formatting with a function of a PC just changes the file management information and does not completely delete the data in an SD card.
  • Page 7: Names And Functions Of Parts

    Names and Functions of Parts ① ⑥ ⑦ ⑧ ③ ④ ⑤ ⑨ ② 1 Camera lens 6 microSD card slot 2 REC LED Insert an SD card for recording. 7 Microphone Lights (blue) while recording is in progress. Records audio. 3 MIC LED 8 REC button Lights (green) when audio recording is...
  • Page 8: How To Install

    How to Install Perform the cord wiring work. Refer to "How to Wire" and then perform the wiring work.(P.10) Installation Procedure Adjust the installation angle of the device and then fix the device Check that the vehicle is parked on a level in place.
  • Page 9 Recommended installation position • Install the device in a position where it will not block the front view of the driver (position where hidden by the rear-view mirror). • Install the device so that it is within the wiping range of the wiper. •...
  • Page 10 How to Wire CAUTION To prevent a short circuit, remove the key from the ignition and disconnect the ¤ terminal of the battery. Connect the power cord (accessory 1) to the Dashboard camera. Power cord Camera lens Mount the cable holder (accessory 3) in position by inserting it into the slot in the Dashboard camera and also inserting its claw into the connector of the Dashboard camera.
  • Page 11 Connect the Dashboard camera and power cord. Power cord(3.5 m) (Accessory1) Dashboard camera GPS NAVIGATION SYSTEM/ MONITOR WITH RECEIVER Video input (Yellow) CA-C3AV (Optional Accessory) Video output AV-IN /Dashboard Front view camera/ Dashboard camera input camera video input (Yellow) Dashboard camera interface Dashboard...
  • Page 12: Led Indications

    LED Indications Initial settings • Set the time zone before use. If you use the driving support function, complete the setting as described on page as well. • Configure the Dashboard camera in advance using the receiver to which the Dashboard camera is to be connected.
  • Page 13: Basic Operation

    Note Set the following items. • Make sure that the device is powered off (LED off ) before mounting or Item Explanation demounting an SD card. Time Zone Select the Time Zone. • Have only the data recorded by this UTC-12:00 to UTC+14:00 UTC+0:00* device stored on an SD card.
  • Page 14: Display The Dashboard Camera Screen

    Display the Dashboard camera screen Press the [MENU] button. Touc [Camera]. 1 Recording mode/Remaining manual Display the Dashboard camera screen. recording or event recording time 2 HDR recording/Resolution 3 Audio recording ON /OFF ④ Automatic still image capture mode / OFF 5 Number of recording files (number of files that can be recorded) While the rear camera view is displayed,...
  • Page 15 Turn off the Dashboard camera screen Touch the lower center of the screen...
  • Page 16: Using The Driving Support Function

    Touch [Camera]. guaranteed even when the device is used correctly as described in the instruction manual. Please note that JVC KENWOOD bears no responsibility whatsoever for any losses incurred as a result. • Due to the specifications of the device, a...
  • Page 17 Touch Windshield [Mounting Height Settings]. Angle adjustment knob Rear-view mirror Select the mounting height from Touch [ ] to adjust the blue the road surface. point line to the actual horizon using [ Blue point line Touch [Detection Range Settings]. Touch [ ] to adjust the white point line to the top of the engine...
  • Page 18 ■ Forward Collision Warning Settings the driving support function Detects the distance between your vehicle and the vehicle in front and Touch notifies with a warning sound and a warning sign to prevent a collision with the vehicle in front if a safe distance is not maintained.
  • Page 19: Recording

    Recording Recording Times Card capacity Recording quality 16GB 32GB 3M(2304 x 1296) 50 minutes 100 minutes 210 minutes 1920x1080 / 1920x1080+HDR 70 minutes 140 minutes 280 minutes 1280x720 / 1280x720+HDR 100 minutes 200 minutes 400 minutes Note • If you wish to change recording quality, make changes to the setting of [Resolution + HDR Recording](P.29).
  • Page 20 Recording Modes The device has five recording modes. Turning on the power of the device starts continuous recording. The recorded video is recorded as files to the SD card. The recording files are sorted into a separate folder for each recording mode. Note •...
  • Page 21 Manual recording Pressing the [REC] button on the device or touch [ ] on the screen during continuous recording starts manual recording. The recording time of manual recording is the 12 seconds before manual recording plus the time set in [Manual Recording Time] (P.29). If you wish to extend the recording time(to the preset time), press the [REC] button or touch [ ] on the screen again.
  • Page 22 Still Image Recording/Automatic Still Image Recording Pressing the [AUTO] button on the device or [ ] on the screen during continuous recording allows you to take a photo whenever you wish. Holding down the [AUTO] button on the device turns ON the automatic still image capture function. The automatic still image capture function records still images automatically according to the preset count and interval of time.
  • Page 23 Note • The recording data is saved to the "PARKING (Parking Recordings)" folder. • Parking recording starts a few seconds after the vehicle is subjected to a collision. • If parking recording is performed, a notification alert tone (pong) sounds and a message ("A Parking Recording has occurred.") is displayed to inform you that parking recording has been performed since the power turned on.
  • Page 24 Playing a Recording File Press the MENU button Select the recording file you want Touch [Camera]. played. Touch The recording file starts playing. Note • The operating buttons will clear after a certain period of time. Touch • Recording halts while a folder or file is being selected or is playing.
  • Page 25 Zooming in a Playing Video Button Explanation The video that is playing appears zoomed Adjusts the audio volume. Starts playback/pauses. Play the file you want zoomed in. Touch while playing a file to toggle Touch the playback speed between fast- forward and fast-rewinding.
  • Page 26: Protecting Or Deleting Files

    Protecting or Deleting Files Protecting Files Deleting Files/Folders Note Deleting a file • Continuous recording files cannot be Play the file you want deleted. protected. Touch [Delete]. Play the file you want protected. Touch A confirmation message appears. Touch [Yes]. The file that is playing is deleted.
  • Page 27 Deleting a folder as a whole Select the folder you want deleted. Press the MENU button Touch [Camera]. Touch A confirmation message appears. Touch [Yes]. All the files in the selected folder are deleted. Note • Before deleting a protected file, unprotect it first.
  • Page 28: Various Settings

    Various Settings Select setup items. Note • Recording halts while the setup menu is on display. Manual recording is also disabled. Press the MENU button. Touch[Camera] . Set individual items. Touch Displays the operating buttons on the screen. Touch...
  • Page 29 * Factory default settings Recording Settings [Resolution + HDR [1280×720]/[1280×720+HDR]/[1920×1080]/[1920×1080+HDR*]/[3M](2304×1296) Sets the recording resolution. Recording] Set to (HDR) to record a subject with overexposure/ underexposure suppressed even in a situation involving large differences in brightness. (The image quality cannot be set by recording mode.) [Audio Recording] ON*/OFF...
  • Page 30 [Sensitivity Settings] 1(Low)/2/3(Mid)*/4/5(High) Set the sensitivity for detecting a vehicle collision while parked. 1: Detects large collisions, 3: Standard, 5: Detects small collisions [Exit Time after ACC OFF] OFF/30 sec*/1 min/3 min Turn off the ignition key and then set the period of time for which parking recording is disabled.
  • Page 31: Updating The System

    For information regarding updates, visit the JVCKENWOOD website at http://www. Using the PC Application KENWOOD DRIVE REVIEWER is a PC application for displaying video recorded with the device. The application can be downloaded from the JVC KENWOOD website at http://www. System Requirements for KENWOOD DRIVE REVIEWER OS: Microsoft Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 7*...
  • Page 32 Screen operations 1 FILE SELECT FOLDER Select the folder containing the file to be read. Output a driving information file (kml/kmz) that can be used with EXPORT kmz/kml* the GoogleMaps map service or GoogleEarth map service. BACKUP Back up the SD card data to the hard disk of a PC, etc. EXIT Exit the PC application.
  • Page 33 Move the displayed frame to display an arbitrary location enlarged to a maximum of five times the size. Press [RESET] to display at actual size (1x). 9 File list 1 Lists all movies. 2 Lists manual recording, event recording and parking recording files. 3 Lists still image files and automatically recorded still image files.
  • Page 34 Outputting a Still Image from Video Backing Up Files Capture video at any location from the Back up the SD card data to the hard disk video currently playing as a still image. of a PC, etc. Select and play the file you wish Select <BACKUP (B)>...
  • Page 35: Formatting An Sd Card

    Formatting an SD Card Touch [System Settings]. If an error appears when playing a video or saving a file, the SD card data may have been corrupted. Format the SD card. Note • Basically, SD cards essentially do not require formatting. Format an SD card only if errors occur when writing to or reading from the SD card.
  • Page 36: Troubleshooting

    Further, information, such as speed and position, program, such as Windows may or may not be verified. Please use KENWOOD DRIVE Media Player? REVIEWER, a program compatible with this device (P.31). Displayed Messages and Voice Guidance If any of the following messages appears, resolve the problem as described in the table below.
  • Page 37 message Cause/Solution • The SD card has malfunctioned. Formatting failed å Replace the SD card with a new one. SD cards have a product lifespan, such as the number of times that writing can be performed. Uncompatible SD card • An SD card with a capacity less than 8 GB or more than 32 GB is inserted.
  • Page 38 • The device is powered off. å Verify the connection by consulting instructions in “How to Wire. ” (P.10) å Turn on the power. ■ KENWOOD DRIVE REVIEWER Symptom Cause/Solution Data appearing shorter If an impact is detected immediately after the power is turned...
  • Page 39 GPS satellite conditions. Playing erratically If any other application is running other than "KENWOOD DRIVE REVIEWER", shut it down. The displayed position During navigation simulation, recording is performed but the information and vehicle position information and vehicle speed do not change.
  • Page 40: Specifications

    Specifications Image sensor External dimensions (W) x (H) x (D) 1/3-inch color CMOS W:79mm x H:22mm (with Mounting Maximum recording angles of view kit:66mm) x D:48mm W:3-1/8 x H:7/8 (with Mounting kit Horizontal: Approx. 117 degrees, 2-5/8inch) x D:1-7/8 inch Vertical: Approx.
  • Page 41 Important Notices Regarding Trademarks and Software microSDHC logo is a trademark of SD-3C, Redistribution and use in source and LLC. binary forms, with or without modification, @2015 Google Inc. All rights reserved. are permitted provided that the following GoogleMaps and GoogleEarth conditions are met: registered trademarks of Google Inc.
  • Page 42 Note that we take it "backwards" and put are distributed at the website below, the highest-order term in the lowest-order bit. The X^32 term is "implied"; the LSB is the X^31 term, etc. The X^0 term (usually Important notices regarding software shown as "+1") results in the MSB being 1...
  • Page 43 ■ ■‫מידע■בדבר■השלכה■לאשפה■של■ציוד‬ ■ ■‫חשמלי■ואלקטרוני■ישן■וכן■סוללות■(רלוונטי‬ ■‫למדינות■שמשתמשות■במערכת■איסוף‬ .)‫אשפה■מופרדת‬ ‫לא ניתן להשליך מוצרים וסוללות עם הסימון (פח אשפה‬ .‫ עליו) כאשפה ביתית רגילה‬X ‫עם‬ Information on Disposal of Old Electrical ‫יש למחזר ציוד חשמלי ואלקטרוני ישן וכן סוללות במתקן‬ and Electronic Equipment and Batteries .‫המסוגל...
  • Page 46 Directive 2011/65/EU Português Deste modo, a JVCKENWOOD declara que o equipamento Manufacturer: de rádio “DRV-N520” está em conformidade com a Diretiva JVC KENWOOD Corporation 2014/53/UE. 3-12, Moriya-cho, Kanagawa-ku, Yokohama-shi, Kanagawa, O texto integral da declaração de conformidade da UE está...
  • Page 47 Русский Latviešu JVCKENWOOD настоящим заявляет, что JVCKENWOOD ar šo deklarē, ka radio aparatūra „DRV-N520” радиооборудование «DRV-N520» соответствует atbilst direktīvas 2014/53/ES prasībām. Директиве 2014/53/EU. Pilns ES atbilstības deklarācijas teksts ir pieejams šādā Полный текст декларации соответствия ЕС доступен по...

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