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Reversing Dryer Door Swing - Whirlpool CGM2745FQ Installation Instructions Manual

Commercial dryer gas or electric
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You can change your door swing from a right-side opening to
left-side opening, if desired.
Remove the Door Assembly
1. Place a towel or soft cloth on top of dryer or work space to
avoid scratching of the surface.
2. Open dryer door. Remove bottom screws from cabinet side
of hinges. Loosen (do not remove) top screws from cabinet
side of hinges.
(appearance may vary)
3. Lift door until top screws in cabinet are in large part of hinge
slot. Pull forward off screws. Set door (handle side up) on
top of dryer. Remove top screws from cabinet.
4. Remove screws attaching hinges to door.
5. Remove screws at top, bottom, and side of door (5 screws).
6. Holding door over towel on dryer, grasp sides of outer door
and gently lift to separate it from inner door. Do not use a
putty knife to pry apart. Do not pull on door seal or plastic
door catch.
7. Be certain to keep cardboard spacer centered between
doors. Reattach outer door panel to inner door panel so
handle is on the side where hinges were just removed.
8. Reattach screws at top, bottom, and side of door (5 screws).
9. Attach door hinges to dryer door so that larger hole is at the
bottom of the hinge and the hinge pin is toward the door
10. Remove the 4 screws that attach 2 plugs on the left side.
Attach plugs to right side using the same 4 screws.
11. Insert screws into bottom holes on left side of cabinet.
Tighten screws halfway. Position door so large end of door
hinge slot is over screws. Slide door up so screws are in
bottom of slots. Tighten screws. Insert and tighten top
screws in hinges.
12. Close door and check that door strike aligns with door
catch. If needed, slide door catch left or right within slot
to adjust alignment.

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Table of Contents

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