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Complete Installation - Whirlpool CGM2745FQ Installation Instructions Manual

Commercial dryer gas or electric
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1. Check the electrical requirements. Be sure that you have the
correct electrical supply and the recommended grounding
method. See "Electrical Requirements."
2. Check that all parts are now installed. If there is an extra part,
go back through the steps.
3. Check that you have all of your tools.
4. Dispose of/recycle all packaging materials.
5. Plug into a grounded outlet, or connect power.
6. Check dryer operation (on some models, some accumulated
time may be on the timer due to factory testing). Close dryer
door. Depending on model, turn timer-set knob to the right
or insert coins and press slide in slowly. (Operating time will
accumulate per number of coinslide depressions, depending
on model, and type of timing cam used.) Push START button.
Using a full heat cycle (not the air cycle), let the dryer run for
at least ve minutes. Dryer will stop when time is used up.
NOTE: Dryer door must be closed for dryer to operate.
When door is open, dryer stops, but timer continues to run.
To restart dryer, close door and push START button.
7. Open the dryer door. Check that the inside of the dryer is
warm. If the burner does not ignite and you can feel no heat
inside the dryer, shut off dryer for ve minutes. Check that
all supply valve controls are in "ON" position and that the
electrical cord is plugged in. Repeat ve-minute test.
8. If drying time is too long, make sure that the lint screen is
clean and that there are no obstructions to air ow in the
dryer vent system.
9. Restart the dryer and allow it to complete a full heat cycle
(not air cycle) to make sure it is working properly.

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Table of Contents

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