Electric Dryer Installation Requirements - Whirlpool CGM2745FQ Installation Instructions Manual

Commercial dryer gas or electric
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Location Requirements
Your dryer can be installed in a basement, laundry room, or
recessed area.
This dryer is not intended for installation in a mobile home.
Companion appliance location requirements should also be
IMPORTANT: Do not install or store the dryer where it will be
exposed to water and/or the weather. Proper installation is your
You will need:
A grounded electrical outlet located within 6 ft. (1.8 m) of
where the power cord is attached to the back of the dryer.
See "Electrical Requirements."
A level oor with a maximum slope of 1" (25 mm) under
entire dryer. Installing the dryer on soft oor surfaces,
such as carpets or surfaces with foam backing, is not
Electric dryer installation clearances
The location must be large enough to allow the dryer door
to be fully opened.
Additional spacing should be considered for ease of
installation and servicing. The door opens more than 180°.
Additional clearances might be required for wall, door, and
oor moldings.
Additional spacing of 1" (25 mm) on all sides of the dryer is
recommended to reduce noise transfer.
Recessed Area and Closet Installation Instructions
This dryer may be installed in a recessed area or closet. For
recessed area and closet installations, minimum clearances
can be found on the warning label on the rear of the dryer
or in "Dimensions/Clearances."
The installation spacing is in inches and is the minimum
allowable. Additional spacing should be considered for ease
of installation, servicing, and compliance with local codes and
If closet door is installed, the minimum unobstructed air
opening in the top and bottom is required. Louvered doors
with equivalent air openings are acceptable.
The dryer must be exhausted outdoors.
48 in.
(310 cm
24 in.
(155 cm
Electrical Requirements – U.S.A. only
It is your responsibility:
To contact a quali ed electrical installer.
To be sure that the electrical connection is adequate and in
conformance with the National Electrical Code, ANSI/NFPA
70-latest edition and all local codes and ordinances.
The National Electrical Code requires a 4-wire power supply
connection for homes built after 1996, dryer circuits involved
in remodeling after 1996, and all mobile home installations.
A copy of the above code standards can be obtained from:
National Fire Protection Association, One Batterymarch
Park, Quincy, MA 02269.
To supply the required 3 or 4 wire, single phase, 120/240
volt, 60 Hz., AC only electrical supply (or 3 or 4 wire,
120/208 volt electrical supply, if speci ed on the serial/
rating plate) on a separate 30-amp circuit, fused on both
sides of the line. A time delay fuse or circuit breaker is
recommended. Connect to an individual branch circuit.
Do not have a fuse in the neutral or grounding circuit.
Do not use an extension cord.
If codes permit and a separate ground wire is used, it is
recommended that a quali ed electrician determine that the
ground path is adequate.
(76 mm)
(76 mm)


Table of Contents

Table of Contents