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Gas Supply Connection; Make Gas Connection - Whirlpool CGM2745FQ Installation Instructions Manual

Commercial dryer gas or electric
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If an Exhaust Hood Cannot be Used
The outside end of main vent should have a sweep elbow
directed downward.
12" min.
(305 mm)*
* Minimum clearance above any
accumulation of snow, ice, or
debris such as leaves
If main vent travels vertically through the roof, rather than
through wall, install a 180° sweep elbow on end of vent at least
2 ft. (610 mm) above surface of roof.
The opening in wall or roof shall have a diameter 1⁄2" (13 mm)
larger than vent diameter. Vent should be centered in opening.
Do not install screening over end of vent for best performance.

Make Gas Connection

1. Connect gas supply to dryer. Use a pipe thread compound
approved for the type of gas supplied. If exible metal
tubing is used, be certain there are no kinks.
If necessary for service, depending on model:
Open the toe panel by removing the 2
from the bottom of the panel. Then lift up on the panel while
pulling the bottom of the panel away from the dryer.
24" min.
(610 mm)
" hex-head screws
Multiple Dryer Venting
A main vent can be used for venting a group of dryers. The
main vent should be sized to remove 5663 l/min. (200 CFM)
of air per dryer. Large-capacity lint screens of proper design
may be used in main vent if checked and cleaned frequently.
The room where the dryers are located should have make-up
air (air supply) equal to or greater than CFM of all the dryers in
the room.
Back-draft dampers are available from your distributor and
should be installed in the vent of each dryer to keep exhausted
air from returning into dryers and to keep exhaust in balance
within main vent. Unobstructed return air openings are required.
Although usually each single-load dryer should have an
unobstructed outdoor air opening of 24 in.
on 1 in.
[6.5 cm
] per 1,000 Btu [252 kcal]), common make-up
air openings are also acceptable. Set up common openings so
the make-up air is distributed equally to all of the dryers. Keep
in mind that the coverage area must be increased by 33% to
account for the use of registers or louvers over the openings.
Also, make-up air openings should not be installed near the
location where exhaust vents exit the building.
Each vent should enter the main vent at an angle pointing in
the direction of the air ow. Vents entering from the opposite
side should be staggered to reduce the exhausted air from
interfering with the other vents.
Air Flow
Air ow
The maximum angle of each vent entering the main vent should
be no more than 30°.
Keep air openings free of dry cleaning uid fumes. Fumes
create acids which, when drawn through the dryer heating
units, can damage dryers and items being dried.
A clean-out cover should be located on the main vent for
periodic cleaning of the vent system.
NOTE: For more dryer venting information, please refer to
Whirlpool document W10100920.


Open the toe panel. Use a putty knife to press on the toe
panel lock located at the center top of the toe panel. Pull
downward on the toe panel to open. Toe panel is hinged
at the bottom.
2. Open the shut-off valve in the gas supply line and make sure
the dryer has its own gas supply opened.
3. Test all connections by brushing on an approved
noncorrosive leak-detection solution. Bubbles will show
a leak. Correct any leaks found.
(154 cm
) (based
30˚ max.

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Table of Contents

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