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Installing Leveling Legs, Coin Slide, And Coin Box - Whirlpool CGM2745FQ Installation Instructions Manual

Commercial dryer gas or electric


Table of Contents
1. Prepare dryer for leveling legs
NOTE: Slide dryer onto cardboard or hardboard before moving
to avoid damaging oor covering.
Using two or more people, move dryer to desired installation
Take tape off front corners of dryer. Open dryer and remove
the literature and parts packages. Wipe drum interior with a
damp cloth to remove any dust.
Take two cardboard corners from the dryer carton and place
them on the oor in back of the dryer. Firmly grasp the body of
the dryer and gently lay it on its back on the cardboard corners.
(appearance may vary)
2. Screw in leveling legs
Examine leveling legs and nd diamond
marking. Screw legs into leg holes by
hand. Use an adjustable wrench or
1" (25 mm) hex-head socket wrench
to nish turning legs until diamond
marking is no longer visible. Then t
a covered foot boot over each leg foot.
To protect the oor, use a large piece of cardboard from the
dryer carton. Stand dryer up on the cardboard. Slide the dryer
until it is close to its nal location. Leave enough room for
electrical connection and to connect the exhaust vent
A longer leveling foot is available if needed on extremely sloped
oors, Part Number 279810.
On some models: The meter case houses the factory-installed
accumulator timer with actuating arm or service switch.
The factory-installed timer is set to provide 45 minutes (4 pins)
of drying time when activated by the coin slide. Timer cams
for 30-minute (6 pins) and 60-minute (3 pins) drying times are
included in the parts bag.
The coin slide mechanism, service door lock and key, and coin
box lock and key may not be included but are available from
the usual industry sources.
1. Install coin slide and coin box
Remove the service door of the meter case by lifting it up
at the back. Install the money-accepting device. (Refer to
manufacturer's instructions for proper installation.)
For dryers using coin slides, use the adapter kit supplied with
the dryer.
Install the meter case service door. Put the coin box with lock
and key in the meter case opening.
Remove cardboard or hardboard from under dryer. Adjust the
legs of the dryer up or down until the dryer is level.
2. Install added security device
Check that power is not supplied to the dryer.
Open and remove the service door.
Insert the narrow part of the security cone into the oblong hole
in the bottom rear of the meter case assembly.
Pass the security bolt through this cone and thread it by hand
into the cage nut below the oblong hole.
Tighten the security bolt by hand a few turns before using a
wrench to tighten until snug.
NOTE: Installing the security bolt provides added security, but
will add to the service time when the top needs to be removed
or lifted for servicing the dryer.
cage nut

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents