Sanyo CDF-201G Instruction Manual
Sanyo CDF-201G Instruction Manual

Sanyo CDF-201G Instruction Manual

Compact disc player, excedio series
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CDF-201 (G), CDF-201 (A)




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  • Page 1: Compact Disc Player

  • Page 2 Thank you for purchasing CDF-201 (G) or CDF-201 (A) car compact disc player. For proper operation and performance, read this instruction manual carefully. C A U T I O N The Ex<ED!c Series car stereo equipment is required to operate this player. DIRECTIONS 1) DISC SLOT Slightly insert a compact disc with its label surface facing up.
  • Page 3 OPERATION ORDINARY DISC PLAY The disc is automatically loaded into the unit and play starts at the beginning of the first selection. The ” F” and “DISC IN” indicator will appear, track number and play time are displayed in the digital display. NO TES: to this unit.
  • Page 4: Programmed Play

    PROGRAMMED PLAY Up to 16 selections can be programmed to play in any order. The selection can be programmed during compact disc play. To program 1. Press the program button (PGM) once. The program number in the display blink and the time counter disappears. 2.
  • Page 5: Troubleshooting

    Operation during programmed play 6. If you wish to start playing from a desired programme number, press the program play button (P, 1, then press one of the SKIP button ( w , w ) until the desired programme number is indicated on the digital display. 7.
  • Page 6 Cause Solution Symptom Turn the volume adjustment Adjust the volume knob on No sound. the connected car stereo. knob to adjust the sound to the level you want. Double check the power The power cord is not con- cord. Check the speaker cords and The connection cords are the other connection cords.
  • Page 7 INSTALLATION (For under dash) NO TES: mount the unit level due to your car design, make sure there is no more than 30 degrees tilt up. to 20” - 30’ position. screw is attached to the disc player. Remove the screw. The player can not play a compact disc with the bracket attached.
  • Page 8 INSTALLATION ( For DIN size cutout) Parts Name Trim Panel Plastic Spacer Metal Strap 2. Installation of Bracket 2-1. Insert mounting bracket @ into DIN-standard cutout 182 x 53mm in the dash- board or a console. 2-2. If required, use plastic spacer @ between mounting bracket and dashboard. (Fig.
  • Page 9 CONNECTION CAUTION Be sure to connect this player to the ExCEDic Series car stereo equipment, Car Stereo SIGNAL OUTPUT WIRE To chassis ground (earth) To the +I 2V power terminal Concentrate to one metallic part which is energized when the of a car body.
  • Page 10: For Safe And Efficient Operation

    FOR SAFE AND EFFICIENT OPERATION This player is only for use with 12V power. It can not be used in 24V vehicles (trucks and buses). *Extremely hot places, such those exposed to direct sunlight or hot air coming directly from a heater *Damp places or those where the player can get wet.
  • Page 11: Handling The Discs

    Dirt, dust, scratches, and warpage cause skips in the play back and a deterioration of sound quality. Here is how to take care of your discs. DIGITAL AUDIO Fingerprints and dust should be carefully wiped off the disc’s signal surface (glossy side) with a soft cloth.
  • Page 12: Specification

    DC 12 Volts (11 - 16V) Negative ground (earth) only DC Power Supply Current Drain 500 mA Dimension (W x H x D) 1.3 kg Weight Technical data subject to changes without notice SANYO Electric Co., Ltd. Printed in Japan 1 RAGPIOAI 1800...

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