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Sanyo CDF-R800 Operating Instructions Manual

Multi control cd receiver (cd changer controller, fm/am tuner, cd deck amplifier)
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Multi Control CD Receiver
(CD Changer Controller, FM/AM Tuner,
CD Deck Amplifier)


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  • Page 1 OPERATING INSTRUCTIONS Multi Control CD Receiver (CD Changer Controller, FM/AM Tuner, CD Deck Amplifier) D I G I T A L A U D I O...
  • Page 2 Introduction Thank you for purchasing the CDF-R800. This unit has many features, including: 8 cm / 12 cm CD Compatible Scan Play, Repeat play, Shuffle Play Full Logic Control Mechanism Radio with Clock Electronic Audio Control High power Output (30W x 4) In order to enjoy the features to their fullest and keep the unit in good working order for a long time, read this manual thoroughly and keep it for future reference.
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Contents Before use For safe and efficient operation........Location and function of control.
  • Page 4: For Safe And Efficient Operation

    Do not try to open the unit nor to repair it yourself. If servicing is required, return the unit to an authorized SANYO mobile audio dealer. When clean out the car, be sure not to get any water on the unit because it can be damaged.
  • Page 5: Handlingthecds

    Sound skip When you are driving on a rough road, sound may sometimes be skipped. It is inevitable and will not cause any damage, disc scratch, e.t.c. Handling the CDs Dirt, dust, scratches and warpage cause sound skips during playback and a deterio- ration of sound quality.
  • Page 6: Location And Function Of Control

    Location and function of control Clock adjust button Display select button Play/Pause button Band select button Changer select button Changer mode select button Play / Pause button...
  • Page 7: Digital Display

    Digital display Audio level (Audio control) Disc No. (CD / Changer) Auto travel preset indicator (Radio) Preset No. (Radio) This indicator appears during Disc Audio mode Scan I Disc Repeat I Disc Shuffle operation. (Changer) (Audio control) . Clock Repeat indicator (CD / Changer) Track No.
  • Page 8: Poweron/Off

    To listen to the radio ; Press Radio mode select button ( 3 ). c3 See page 14. To operate CD Changer ; Press Changer mode select button ( 9 ). c3 See page 17. (An optional SANYO CD Changer, FXD-C300 (1 O-disc), FXD-C600 (6-disc) or FXD-Cl 00 (6-disc) must be connected.) N o t e s : You can turn on the unit by pressing the On / Off button ( a ), too.
  • Page 9: Audiocontrol

    Audio Control Loudness button ---Audio control button Press the ( F\ ) side of the Audio control button to increase, or the ( b ) side to decrease the volume level. During adjustment, [VOL] appears on the display. BAS (Bass) I TRE (Treble) / BAL (Balance) / FAD (Fader) control select the desired mode.
  • Page 10: Selecting A Prior Display

    Selecting a prior display You can choose Clock display or Mode display as prior display. When you choose Clock display, time is shown on the display at all times. When you choose Mode display, the display corresponds to the current mode (CD / Radio / Changer ).
  • Page 11: Clock Operation

    Clock operation The following operations are effective while the power is on. Though the Clock dis- play is shown when the power is off, you can not adjust nor set the time. Clock adjust button To adjust the time 1. See that the Clock display is shown. H i n t : If the Clock display is not shown, press the Display select button ( Q ) to show the Clock display for a moment (about 5 seconds).
  • Page 12: Howtoload,Play,Removeacd

    How to load, play, remove a CD How to load and play a CD 1. Insert a CD into the Disc slot with the label side facing up. The Disc set indicator [DISC IN] will appear and CD play will begin. N o t e s : When you insert a disc, make sure that the label side is up.
  • Page 13: Cd Mode Select Button, Pause, Selecting A Track, Skipping

    CD mode select button, Pause, Selecting a track, Skipping CD mode select button Play / Pause button Track I Skip button CD mode select button Press the CD mode select button ( rl s ) to switch immediately to CD mode from other mode (Radio, Changer, Power off mode).
  • Page 14: Scan, Repeat, Shuffle

    Scan, Repeat, Shuffle Shuffle button Scan Press the Scan button ( /7557’) to play the first 10 seconds of each track. To cancel the mode, press the button again, or the unit continues Scan play endlessly. Repeat Press the Repeat button (/ZZEJ) to repeat the track currently playing. To cancel the mode, press the button again, or the unit continues Repeat play end- lessly.
  • Page 15: How To Turn On The Radio And Select A Band, Tuning

    How to turn on the radio and select a band, Tuning Radio mode select button Band select button Tuning button How to turn on the radio and select a band 1. Press the Radio mode select button ( B) to turn on the radio. 2.
  • Page 16: Lo / Dx Button, Radio Mode Select Button, Presetting Stations

    LO I DX button, Radio mode select button, Presetting stations Radio mode select button Preset buttons LO / DX button (Selecting seek sensitivity of Auto tuning) Press the LO / DX button ( G ) for 1.5 seconds or more to select the desired seek sensitivity.
  • Page 17: Before Operation

    Before operation Preparation 1. According to this manual, connect a compatible SANYO CD Changer (FXD-C300, to this unit. 2. Aocording to the manual of CD changer, load discs into magazine and install the magazine to the CD changer.
  • Page 18: How To Play Cds, Pause, Selecting A Disc /Track

    How to play CDs, Pause, Selecting a disc / track A compatible SANYO CD Changer must be connected. Changer mode select button Play / Pause button Track / Skip button How to play CDs ) to switch immediately to Changer mode from other mode (Radio, CD, Power off mode ).
  • Page 19: Skipping, Scan, Repeat, Shuffle

    Skipping, Scan, Repeat, Shuffle A compatible SANYO CD Changer must be connected. Repeat button Skipping Press and hold the ( 44 ) or ( H ) side of the Track/Skip button (e) for 1.5 sec- onds or more to advance quickly in the forward or backward direction. When the but- ton is released, this function stops.
  • Page 20: Disc Scan, Disc Repeat, Disc Shuffle

    Disc Scan, Disc Repeat, Disc Shuffle A compatible SANYO CD Changer must be connected. - - - - Shuffle button Press the Scan button (/33’5iQ for 1.5 seconds or more to play the first 10 seconds of the first track on each disc.
  • Page 21: Error And Status Indications

    Error and Status indications The following Error or Status indications may be displayed while operating the unit or CD Changer. Cause Remedv Abnormal disc change function Contact your place of purchase. (CD Changer only) The disc is inserted upsidedown. Take out the disc and insert it with label side facing up.
  • Page 22 Wiring Be sure to turn off the ignition and remove the negative (-) battery cable, prior to wiring. Note: When you remove the negative (-) battery cable, all the equipments supplied by the car battery (Clock, on-board drive or navigation computer, e.t.c.) may stop working or lose their memory.
  • Page 23: Wiring

    Wiring General Ground wire(Black) , - - - - 4-Speaker system 2-Speaker system Front Left I Front Left I Speaker Speaker ; Front Right I : Front Right I Speaker Speaker : R e a r Left : Speaker : 1.
  • Page 24 Divider unit as well as this manual. Connect the end of DIN cable (8 pin), which is supplied with the SANYO CD Chang- er, to the CD Changer DIN socket of CDF-R800, and connect the other end to the CD Changer.
  • Page 25: Unit Removal

    Installation 1. Install the supplied trim panel (Fig. 1-o) to the unit (Fig. 1-B). 2. Insert the supplied mounting bracket (Fig.l-0) into DIN-standard Cutout 182 x 53mm in the dashboard or a console. 3. Bend the stoppers of the mounting bracket to the outside until1 the bracket is tight- ened in the cutout.
  • Page 26: Troubleshooting

    Troubleshooting An error made in operation or an error during installation can be mistaken for a system malfunction. Check below before contacting your Authorized SANYO Service Station. Cause The power wires are not connected Check the connections of the + 12V...
  • Page 27 S y m p t o m C a u s e Remedy The antenna is not connected com- Insert completely the DIN Antenna P o o r r e c e p t i o n i n R a d i o m o d e p l e t e l y .
  • Page 28 SANYO Electric Co., Ltd. Printed in Japan 1 RA6PlOB00500...

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