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Programmed Play - Sanyo CDF-201G Instruction Manual

Compact disc player, excedio series
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Up to 16 selections can be programmed to play in any order.
The selection can be programmed during compact disc play.
To program
1. Press the program button (PGM) once.
The program number in the display blink and the time counter disappears.
2. Press the SKIP button within about 20 seconds after pressing the program button.
Press the ( F# ) of the SKIP button once. The display counter will indicate the
first selection number (01). At the first, you press the ( w ) of the SKIP button
once, the TRACK indicator will indicates the last selection number of the disc.
3. To enter additional selection numbers into the memory, press the program button
Press the SKIP button to enter the desired selection number.
4. If you wish to stop programming, press the program play button (Pb ), pro-
gramming play will start.
To restart the programming, press the program button once.
5. If you wish to check the memory, press the program button (PGM).
will return to '00':
program button (PGM) is pressed, the indication on the display will return
to the 1st program number "0 I ".
selection number in the memory will change.
Only use the SKIP feature to cancel or to correct one of the programmed
number by pressing the program button (PGM) and press the SKIP button
until the selection number is obtained '00':
To program play
After programming, press the program play button (P F ).
The display will indicate "P" and the programmed selection number, the player will
begin to play the PROGRAM NO. 1 selection.
Search Logic skips PROGRAM NO. I and searches for the next program.
pressed, the player will automatically be set to the normal play mode.
To stop programmed play
Press the program play button (P b ) again. The player will change to the normal play
mode, and will begin normal play at that point. To restart the programmed play press
the program play button again, play will start to play the PROGRAM NO. 1 selection.



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