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Handling The Discs - Sanyo CDF-201G Instruction Manual

Compact disc player, excedio series
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Dirt, dust, scratches, and warpage cause skips in the play back and a deterioration
of sound quality. Here is how to take care of your discs.
Fingerprints and dust should be carefully wiped off the disc's signal surface
(glossy side) with a soft cloth. Unlike conventional records, the compact disc has
no grooves to collect dust and microscopic debris so gently wiping with a soft
cloth should remove most particles. Wipe in a straight motion from the inside to
the outside of the disc. Small dust particles and light stains will have absolutely
no effect on reproduction quality.
thinner to clean compact discs. Such chemicals would irreparably damage the
disc's plastic surface.
could cause the laser pickup to skip.
extended periods. Long exposure to high temperatures can warp the disc.



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