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Sanyo CDF-201G Instruction Manual page 7

Compact disc player, excedio series
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INSTALLATION (For under dash)
mount the unit level due to your car design, make sure there is no more than
30 degrees tilt up.
to 20" - 30' position.
screw is attached to the disc player. Remove the screw. The player can not play
a compact disc with the bracket attached.
1. Attach the side bracket (A) on each side of the unit with the Hex Head Bolt with
spring and flat washer (I), provided in the kit.
2. Locate the unit at the desired installation place and mark a spot for a mounting
hole of each bracket (A), then drill a 6.5 mm hole at each marked point.
3. Mount the under dash side bracket (A) with screws (2), and nuts (3).
4. Attach the rear bracket (B) to the back of the unit with the Hex Head Bolt with
spring and flat washer (4).
5. Bend the rear bracket (B) as needed to reach the firewall or other structural
support and fix the rear bracket (B) with screw (2) and nut (3) or with tapping
screw (5) and washer (6).
easily accessible and that there is no interference with cables, brackets or
other parts of the car,
installation specialist.
Make sure that the screws supplied are used for the mounting work.
Malfunctioning may occur if any other screws are used.
Tighten up the mounting screws so that they will not be loosened by vibration.
Avoid installing the unit in a location exposed to moisture or high temperatures
from a heater, or direct sunlight.
The screw must be pushed -
in while changing the position.
" M O U N T I N G A N G L E
A D J U S T E R "
sure that controls are



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