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Volume And Mute; Volume Control - ReSound ENZO 3D User Manual

Behind-the-ear hearing aids lo85 series; lo90 series.
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7.2.2 Volume control

Your hearing aids automatically adjust the volume depending on your
listening situation.
The volume control on the hearing aid may be used to turn the sound
level up or down to your preference. You can also adjust the volume
from some of ReSound´s handheld wireless accessories and smart-
phone apps. When you change the volume, the hearing aid responds
with a beep. When you reach the upper or lower limits, the hearing aid
responds with a low-pitched beep.
ReSound ENZO 3D can be programmed with additional function for
the volume control on "down button long press":
• Minimum volume - volume will immediately reduce to lowest setting, or
• Mute - volume will be muted
• To resume normal volume, "down button long press"
NOTE: If your hearing aids have enabled the Synchronized Volume Control function, volume ad-
justments to one hearing aid automatically repeat in the other hearing aid. A beep in both hearing
aids follows each adjustment.
NOTE: Your hearing care professional can disable the volume control or hide the volume control
with a non-functional cover.
Volume control button.


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