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ReSound M60 User Manual

Behind-the-ear hearing instruments.
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Behind-The-ear hearing insTrumenTs


Table of Contents

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  • Page 1 USER GUIDE Behind-The-ear hearing insTrumenTs...
  • Page 2: Statement

    Hearing instrument type designations for models included in this user guide are: M60, FCC ID: X26M60, IC: 6941C-M60; M70-80, FCC ID: X26M70-80, IC: 6941C-M7080; and M70-80e, FCC ID: X26M70-80e, IC: Generic air-conduction hearing instruments are wearable sound-amplifying devices intended to compen- 6941C-M7080e.
  • Page 3: Introduction

    In Japan, this device has been granted a designation number by Ministry of Internal Affairs and Commu- in learning to use hearing instruments. Your ReSound instruments have been adjusted according to your nications under “Ordinance Concerning Technical Regulations Conformity Certification, etc., of Specified individual hearing loss and needs.
  • Page 4: Table Of Contents

    Sports lock . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 14 Using ReSound hearing instruments Children with hearing loss .
  • Page 5 (BTe) hearing instru- Behind-the-ear (BTe) hearing instruments Programme button ments of type m60 with FCC ID X26M60, of type m70-80e with FCC ID X26M70-80e, Battery compartment & On/Off switch IC number 6941C-M60 and size 312 battery IC number 6941C-M7080e and size 13 battery...
  • Page 6: Getting Started

    After this, your hearing instrument and ReSound Unite Remote correct position. Control will continue to work as usual, but you will not be able to use your ReSound TV Streamer, Phone 4. Gently close the battery door.
  • Page 7: Inserting/removing Hearing Instruments

    inserting/removing hearing instruments Removal (custom earmolds) Insertion (custom earmoulds) 1. Hold a portion of your earmould towards the back of the ear. 2. Pull the earmould outward and simultaneously rotate the earmould forward. 1. Hold the earmould between your thumb and index finger and position its sound 3.
  • Page 8: Sports Lock

    Sports lock Programme button The Sports lock will be applied or adjusted by your hearing care professional. Depending on your experience level with hearing instruments, individual hearing needs, and the type of listening environments you experience, Operation of the hearing instrument your hearing care professional may activate additional programmes.
  • Page 9: Led Indicator

    (one blink = programme one, two blinks = programme two, etc.). When activating audio streaming from a ReSound Unite accessory (Phone Clip, TV streamer or Mini Microphone or when an FM / DAI audio program is selected, the connection will be indicated by a Flight mode* long blink followed by a short.
  • Page 10: Telephone Use

    Telephone use For Alera wireless hearing instruments follow the following steps to enter and leave flight mode: It is possible to disable wireless operation by opening and closing the battery compartment of the hearing Finding the optimal position for holding a telephone may require practice for some instrument while at the same time pressing the push button.
  • Page 11: Phonenow

    To avoid the issue, please move the magnet to another place on the telephone additional PhoneNow magnets. receiver. 4. Only use magnets supplied by ReSound. PhoneNow usage Telephones can be used in a normal manner. A short melody will indicate that the PhoneNow feature has automatically switched the hearing instrument to your telephone programme.
  • Page 12: Telecoil (optional)

    Telecoil (optional) Connecting/disconnecting direct audio boot or integrated Fm A telecoil can be activated by your hearing care professional and accessed through one of the additional programmes. A telecoil picks up a telephone’s magnetic signal and converts it to sound. An optional tel- Connecting audio boot and integrated FM Direct audio Integrated FM...
  • Page 13: Important Points For Fm

    To replace the battery: important points for Fm 1. Place the instrument in the off position. The instrument is still locked. 2. Align the tip of the battery door release tool (Black), with the hole at • Do not use two transmitters on the same FM channel. the back of the instrument just below the volume control.
  • Page 14: Care And Maintenance

    Standard battery door lock Your hearing care professional can install a Left/Right side indica- Care and maintenance tor which can be used to lock the battery door. Once locked, the Your hearing instrument is protected by a layer of protective, hydrophobic nanocoat material. instrument can only be turned off once the instrument is unlocked Please follow the following instructions to prolong the durability of your hearing instruments: again.
  • Page 15: Daily Maintenance

    Note: Earmould tubing may become stiff, brittle, or discoloured over time. Con- could result in the dome falling out in the ear. tact your hearing care professional regarding tube changes. ReSound Standard domes Cleaning thin tubes and domes 1. Push the new dome over the flanges on the thin tube.
  • Page 16: Using Resound Hearing Instruments With Smart Phone Apps

    • The app must only be used with GN ReSound devices for which it is intended, and GN ReSound take no responsibility if the app is used with other devices.
  • Page 17: Intended Use For The Tsg Module

    * ReSound wireless devices include a RF transmitter that operates in the range of 2.4 GHz - 2.48 GHz. * For use of wireless functionality only use ReSound Unite accessories. For further guidance regarding e.g.
  • Page 18: Tsg Volume Control

    The scientific concepts that form the basis for the device If your tinnitus troubles you only in quiet environments, your doctor, audiologist or hearing healthcare pro- fessional can set the TSG Module so that it becomes audible exclusively in such surroundings. The overall The TSG module provides sound enrichment with the aim of surrounding the tinnitus sound with a neutral sound level can be adjusted via an optional volume control.
  • Page 19: Prescription Use Of This Tsg Hearing Instrument

    Prescription use of this Tsg hearing instrument The sound generator instrument is a tool to generate sounds to be used with appropriate counselling and/ or in a tinnitus management program to relieve patients suffering from tinnitus. The TSG module should be used as prescribed by your doctor, audiologist or hearing healthcare profes- sional.
  • Page 20: Battery Warning Information

    Battery warning information hearing instrument expectations Batteries, although very small, contain dangerous substances, and should be disposed of carefully. This is A hearing instrument will not restore normal hearing and will not prevent or improve a hearing impairment re- for the safety of you and the environment. Please note: sulting from organic conditions.
  • Page 21: Warning To Hearing Aid Dispensers

    Warning to hearing aid dispensers (us Only) Following the medical evaluation, the physician will give you a written statement that states that your hearing A hearing aid dispenser should advise a prospective hearing aid user to consult promptly with a licensed loss has been medically evaluated and that you may be considered a candidate for a hearing aid.
  • Page 22: Troubleshooting Guide

    Troubleshooting guide Symptom cauSe poSSIBLe RemeDy No sound Not turned on Turn on by closing the battery door Dead battery Replace battery Battery door will not close Insert battery properly Blocked earmould or tube Clean earmould or tube Blocked wax filter Replace wax filter or consult your hearing care professional Not loud enough Incorrect earmould placement...
  • Page 23 Troubleshooting guide Symptom cauSe poSSIBLe RemeDy Excessive whistling / feed- Incorrect earmould placement Re-insert earmould carefully back Incorrect dome placement Re-insert dome Excessive ear wax Consult your hearing care professional Feedback control may need adjustment Consult your hearing care professional Earmould tubing worn or damaged Consult your hearing care professional Thin tube connection loose...
  • Page 24: Technical Data

    Technical data mini BTe MAXIMUM OUTPUT (OSPL 90) MAXIMUM OUTPUT (OSPL 90) Models: AL967-DIW, AL767-DIW, AL567-DIW, AL467-DIW, ALT967-DIW, Models: AL977-DVIW, AL777-DVIW, AL577-DVIW, AL477-DVIW, 2cc Coupler 2cc Coupler ALT767-DIW ALT977-DVIW, ALT777-DVIW, ALT577-DVIW Open Closed Open Closed Reference test gain (60 dB SPL input) Reference test gain (60 dB SPL input) Full-on gain (50 dB SPL Input) Full-on gain (50 dB SPL Input)
  • Page 25 POWer BTe MAXIMUM OUTPUT (OSPL 90) mini BTe MAXIMUM OUTPUT (OSPL 90) Models: AL987-DVIW, AL787-DVIW, AL587-DVIW, AL487-DVIW, 2cc Coupler Models: VO967-DW, VO767-DW, VO567-DW, VOT967-DW, VOT767-DW 2cc Coupler ALT987-DVIW, ALT787-DVIW, ALT587-DVIW UP967-DW, UP767-DW Open Closed Reference test gain (60 dB SPL input) Reference test gain (60 dB SPL input) Full-on gain (50 dB SPL Input) Full-on gain (50 dB SPL Input)
  • Page 26 POWer BTe MAXIMUM OUTPUT (OSPL 90) MAXIMUM OUTPUT (OSPL 90) Models: VO977-DW, VO777-DW, VO577-DW, VOT977-DW, VOT777-DW Models: VO988-DW, VO788-DW, VO588-DW, VOT988-DW, VOT788-DW 2cc Coupler 2cc Coupler UP977-DLW, UP977-DW, UP777-DLW, UP777-DW UP988-DLW, UP988-DW, UP788-DLW, UP788-DW Open Closed High Power Power Reference test gain (60 dB SPL input) Reference test gain (60 dB SPL input) Full-on gain (50 dB SPL Input) Full-on gain (50 dB SPL Input)
  • Page 27: Warranty And Repairs

    Warranty and repairs Be aware of information marked with the warning symbol ReSound provides a warranty on hearing instruments in the event of defects in workmanship or materials, WARNING points out a situation that could lead to serious injuries, as described in applicable warranty documentation. In its service policy, ReSound pledges to secure func- CAUTION indicates a situation that could lead to minor and moderate injuries.
  • Page 29 Fax: +44 1869 343 466 Fax: (free) 0800 007 695 CVR no. 55082715 Any issues relating to the EU Medical Device Directive 93/42/EEC, or Council Directive 1999/5/EC on Radio Equipment and Telecommunications terminal equipment should be directed to ReSound A/S...

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