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The Scientific Concepts That Form The Basis For The Device; Tsg Volume Control - ReSound ENZO 3D User Manual

Behind-the-ear hearing aids lo85 series; lo90 series.
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15.2.3 The scientific concepts that form the basis for the device

The TSG module provides sound enrichment with the aim of surrounding the tinnitus sound with a neu-
tral sound, which is easily ignored. Sound enrichment is an important component of most approaches to
tinnitus management, such as Tinnitus Retraining Therapy (TRT).
To assist habituation to tinnitus, this needs to be audible. The ideal level of the TSG module, therefore,
should be set so that it starts to blend with the tinnitus, and so that you can hear both your tinnitus as
well as the sound used.
In a majority of instances, the TSG module can also be set to mask the tinnitus sound, so to provide tem-
porary relief by introducing a more pleasant and controllable sound source.

15.2.4 TSG volume control

The sound generator is set to a specific loudness level by the hearing healthcare professional. When
switching the sound generator on, the volume will have this optimal setting. Therefore, it might not be
necessary to control the volume (loudness) manually.
However, the volume control provides the ability to adjust the volume, or amount of stimulus, to the lik-
ing of the user.
The volume control is an optional feature in the TSG module used for adjusting the sound generator
output level. To prevent unintended usage by pediatric or physically or mentally challenged users, the
volume control must, if enabled, be configured to only provide a decrease of the sound generator output


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