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General Warnings - ReSound ENZO 3D User Manual

Behind-the-ear hearing aids lo85 series; lo90 series.
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General Warnings

1. If a hearing aid is broken, do not use it
2. Consult a hearing care professional if you think there may be a foreign object in your ear canal, if
you experience skin irritation, or if excessive earwax accumulates with the use of the hearing aid
3. Different types of radiation, e.g. from NMR, MRI or CT scanners, may damage hearing aids. It is
recommended not to wear hearing aids during these or other similar procedures. Other types of
radiation, such as burglar alarms, room surveillance systems, radio equipment, mobile telephones,
contain less energy and will not damage hearing aids. However, they have the potential to mo-
mentarily affect the sound quality or temporarily create undesired sounds from hearing aids
4. Do not wear hearing aids in mines, oil fields, or other explosive areas unless those areas are certi-
fied for hearing aid use
5. Do not allow others to use your hearing aids. This may cause damage to the hearing of the other
individual or to the hearing aids
6. Hearing aid usage by children or mentally disabled persons should be supervised at all times to
ensure their safety. The hearing aid contains small parts that could be swallowed by children.
Please be mindful not to leave children unsupervised with this hearing aid
7. Hearing aids should be used only as prescribed by your hearing care professional. Incorrect use
may result in sudden and permanent hearing loss
8. Warning to hearing care professionals: Special care should be exercised in selecting and fit-
ting hearing aids with maximum sound pressure level that exceeds 132dB SPL with an IEC
60711:1981 occluded ear simulator. The remaining hearing may risk further impairment.
9. When boarding a flight or entering an area where RF transmitters are prohibited, deactivate
wireless functionality. Turn off your wireless functionality by using the flight mode in areas where
radio frequency emission is prohibited


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