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Electronic Devices - Siemens CX75 Manual

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User manual - 152 pages
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of CX75 FUG am, A31008-H7420-A40-1-4A19 (09.05.2005, 11:16)
Safety precautions
• Pull off the road and park before
making or answering a call, if
driving conditions so require.
For vehicles equipped with
air bags
An air bag inflates with great force.
DO NOT place objects, including either
installed or portable wireless equip-
ment, in the area over the air bag or in
the air bag deployment area. If in-vehi-
cle wireless equipment is improperly
installed and the air bag inflates, seri-
ous injury could result.

Electronic devices

Most modern electronic equipment
is shielded from radio frequency (RF)
signals. However, certain electronic
equipment may not be shielded
against the RF signals from your
wireless phone.
The Health Industry Manufacturers'
Association recommends that a mini-
mum separation of six inches (6")
be maintained between a handheld
wireless phone and a pacemaker to
avoid potential interference with the
pacemaker. These recommendations
are consistent with the independent
research by and recommendations of
Wireless Technology Research.
Persons with pacemakers
• should ALWAYS keep the phone
more than six inches from their
pacemaker when the phone is
turned ON;
• should not carry the phone in a
breast pocket;
• should use the ear opposite the
pacemaker to minimize the poten-
tial for interference;
• should turn the phone OFF imme-
diately if there is any reason to
suspect that interference is taking
Hearing aids
Some digital wireless phones may
interfere with some hearing aids. In
the event of such interference, you
may want to consult your service
provider or your hearing aid manu-
facturer to discuss alternatives.
Other medical devices
If you use any other personal medi-
cal devices, consult the manufactur-
ers of your devices to determine if
they are adequately shielded from
external RF energy. Your physician
may be able to assist you in obtain-
ing this information.
Turn your phone OFF in health care
facilities when any regulations post-
ed in these areas instruct you to do
so. Hospitals or health care facilities
may be using equipment that could
be sensitive to external RF energy.


Table of Contents

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