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of CX75 FUG am, A31008-H7420-A40-1-4A19 (09.05.2005, 11:16)
Safety precautions
You may only open the phone
to replace the battery (100 %
mercury-free) or SIM card. You
must not open the battery un-
der any circumstances. All oth-
er changes to this device are
strictly prohibited and will inval-
idate the guarantee.
Please dispose of unwanted
batteries and phones as per-
mitted by the laws in your
The phone may cause interfer-
ence in the vicinity of TV sets,
radios and PCs.
Use only Siemens original ac-
cessories. This will avoid po-
tential risks to health or
property and ensure compli-
ance with all relevant
Improper use will invalidate the guarantee!
These safety instructions also apply to
Siemens original accessories.
Product attributes are subject to changes in
technology, design and availability.
Siemens reserves the right to modify prod-
ucts without prior notice.
Your phone has a Bluetooth interface. This
makes it possible to establish a wireless
connection of your phone with a headset of
a car kit, or with other Bluetooth-enabled
In order to establish a secure link between
the devices and to prevent a third party from
having access to your phone, you should ob-
serve the following points:
• The initial connection between two devic-
es, what is called "pairing", should take
place in familiar surroundings.
• Both devices must be able to identify
themselves one time by using a pass-
word/PIN. To ensure sufficient security,
you should choose a 16-digit number com-
bination for a password that would be diffi-
cult to guess (if a PIN has not been
• An automatic connection acceptance
("connection without confirmation") should
only be used in exceptional cases.
• In general, only trustworthy devices should
be linked in order to minimize security
• The name of your phone is transmitted in
a Bluetooth connection. The factory de-
fault is the "Bluetooth ID". The first time
Bluetooth is activated, or later in the
Bluetooth menu, you can change this
(My BT
name, page 96).
• If Bluetooth is not needed, this function
should be deactivated.
Before using Bluetooth accessories, or a
mobile phone inside a vehicle, check the ve-
hicle user guide for any limitations on the use
of these products.


Table of Contents

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