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T9 word suggestions
If several options are found in the
dictionary for a key sequence (a
word), the most probable is dis-
played first. If the word you want has
not been recognised, the next sug-
gestion from T9 may be correct.
The word must be shown
§highlighted§. Then press
Press. The displayed word
is replaced with a differ-
ent word. If this word is al-
so incorrect, press again.
Press. Repeat until the
correct word is displayed.
If the word you want is not in the dic-
tionary, it can also be written with-
out T9.
To add a word to the dictionary:
The last suggestion is deleted and
the word may now be entered with-
out T9 support. Press
automatically to the dictionary.
Correct a word
to add it
Text entry
Move left or right, word
by word, until the re-
quired word is
Scroll through the T9
word suggestions again.
Deletes the character to
the left of the cursor and
displays a new possible
Additional information
Within a "T9 word", individual letters may
not be edited without first removing the T9
status. In most cases it is better to rewrite
the complete word.
Set a full stop. The word is
concluded if it is followed by a
space. Within a word, a full
stop represents an apostro-
phe or hyphen:
Moving the cursor to the right
ends the word.
Press briefly: switch be-
tween: abc, Abc,
Abc, 123. Status shown in
top line of display.
Press and hold: all input vari-
ants are displayed.
Press briefly: select special
characters (page 27).
Press and hold: opens input
menu (page 28).
= provider's.


Table of Contents

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