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Siemens C30 User Manual

Siemens mobile phone user guide
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Siemens Mobile Phones A/S
Industrivej 30
DK-9490 Pandrup
© Siemens AG 2000
All rights reserved.
Subject to availability.
Rights of modification reserved.
Siemens Aktiengesellschaft
Ref. No.: A31008-H6000-A1-1-7619
Printed in Denmark
(7910.3000 GB / 11.00)

User Guide

C 30
C 30



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  Summary of Contents for Siemens C30

  • Page 1: User Guide

    Siemens Mobile Phones A/S Industrivej 30 DK-9490 Pandrup © Siemens AG 2000 All rights reserved. Subject to availability. Rights of modification reserved. Siemens Aktiengesellschaft Ref. No.: A31008-H6000-A1-1-7619 Printed in Denmark (7910.3000 GB / 11.00) User Guide C 30 C 30...
  • Page 2: Menu Overview

    Language Network selection Egypt ..Siemens ... . 23313129 Tones Finland..Siemens ... 092294370...
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Contents Precautions Phone setup Phone book setup Getting started Message setup Battery and charging Timers and charge SIM card Security Calling Redialling a number Conversation menu Disabling all tones Overview Keypad lock Further information Phone book Keypad functions Storing entries Display symbols Using your keypad EasyClick system...
  • Page 4: Precautions

    Do not hold the phone in place out of children’s your hand while driving. reach. Use only ORIGINAL Siemens accessories to avoid damage to your phone. Getting started Learn how to get your phone ready for action, and how to...
  • Page 5: Battery And Charging

    Battery and charging Insert battery Remove battery Remove the battery lid (1) by Remove the battery lid by slid- sliding it downwards. ing it downwards. Lift the lower part (1) of the battery and remove it. Insert the battery by placing first the upper part (2) and then the lower part (3) in the recess.
  • Page 6: Sim Card

    SIM card Enter PUK or PIN code, if Insert SIM card requested, and confirm by Before you can make a call on your pressing (»OK«). mobile phone you have to insert the SIM card: If a number of digits are flashing in your display now, you need to set Switch off your phone and your clock.
  • Page 7: Redialling A Number

    Redialling a number Keypad lock To avoid making calls accidentally Press for one second, while carrying your phone, you can and your latest dialled number lock the keypad: will be redialled automatically. Press (»MENU«). Disabling all tones Press You can disable all kinds of tones: The keypad lock is automatically Press (»MENU«).
  • Page 8: Storing Entries

    Phone book Use your phone book for storing Using your keypad names and telephone numbers. In Each key of your phone’s keypad the table you can see how to find contains a number of characters the individual characters on the which can be seen in this table: keypad of your phone.
  • Page 9: Finding An Entry

    Finding an entry Enter the phone book by pressing Scroll through the phone book using or enter one or more letters of the name you wish to find. Call the number: Press »CALL«. If you want to call a prefix number from your phone book you must enter the digits to replace the “?”...
  • Page 10 List menu General Outgoing calls Enter the List menu: • View names/phone numbers of Scroll through the options: your latest outgoing calls Select an option: Press »SELECT« or »OK« Answered calls Go one level back: Press »EXIT « • View names/phone numbers of Go back to standby: your latest answered calls Hold »EXIT«...
  • Page 11: Phone Book Editing

    Call lists direct access to the list of missed First calls simply by pressing Enter the List menu by pressing Copying numbers into your Select one of the below phone book mentioned options You can copy a number from the list of outgoing, answered, or Outgoing calls missed calls into your phone book.
  • Page 12: Extra Phone Books

    Extra phone books First Fixed numbers Enter the List menu With the help of this extra phone by pressing book you can restrict the use of Select one of the below your phone only to numbers mentioned options stored in this special phone book. This phone book is operated in Depending on your SIM card you exactly the same way as your ordi-...
  • Page 13 Messages First The SMS indicator will be shown in the upper side of your Enter the list menu standby display as long as you have by pressing one or more unread messages. Select »Messages« • Immediate SMS Your network might send you some Messages or all your SMS as immediate SMS.
  • Page 14: Setup Menu

    Messages In addition to reading a broadcast, First you can select it, press »OPTION« Enter the list menu and: by pressing Select »Messages« • delete it • store it for reading it later on Broadcasts These are general • forward it to another phone messages which are broadcast to a number.
  • Page 15 Setup menu General Applications Enter the Setup menu: The availability, name and functions Press »MENU« of this menu depends completely Scroll through the options: on your network operator and/or your SIM card. Select an option: Press »SELECT« or »OK« Go one level back: Press »EXIT«...
  • Page 16 Games First Enter the Setup menu by pressing »MENU« Examle: The marked face belongs to the bank robber – the other ones are Select »Games« “good guys” . Sheriff McAllen Press 1, 2 or 3 on your handset to When you enter »Sheriff McAllen«, shoot against the first, second or you can select to start the game, third door.
  • Page 17 Games First Enter the Setup menu King Queen Knight by pressing »MENU« These are the symbols used for the Select »Games« court cards and the aces. Black Jack Game: Press to get a card. To get one more card, you just press Having selected »Black Jack«...
  • Page 18: Network Services

    Network services Different options of call divert First Divert all calls Divert all calls that Enter the Setup menu by pressing »MENU« are made to your phone. Select »Network services« Divert all unanswered This is an umbrella function that covers the Call divert next three options at the same If you want to divert your incoming...
  • Page 19 Network services Different options for call First barring Enter the Setup menu by pressing »MENU« Outgoing calls gives you three new Select »Network services« options to consider: • All calls: Bar all outgoing calls. Call barring • International calls: Bar all outgoing You can set up call barring for dif- international calls.
  • Page 20: Phone Setup

    Phone setup reference in which your phone First should select a network. Enter the setup menu by pressing »MENU« Manual selection Your phone will Select »Phone setup« always start searching for the net- work with which it was in contact Language when it was switched off.
  • Page 21 Phone setup First Speed dialling Activate »Speed dialling« to make it possible to call Enter the setup menu any numbers in your phone book by pressing »MENU« just by using the location number. Select »Phone setup« Press the location number for one second, and the call will be initiated Dial mode automatically.
  • Page 22: Phone Book Setup

    Phone book setup First Enter the Setup menu by pressing »MENU« Select »Phone book setup« With the Phone book setup you have these three options: Fixed dialling Select whether you want the fixed dialling phone book to be on or off (read about fixed numbers for this extra phone book, p.
  • Page 23 Message setup First Broadcast setup Enter the Setup menu To be able to receive broadcasts by pressing »MENU« you must enter the Broadcast Select »Message setup« setup which gives you the follow- ing options: Send SMS setup Broadcast channels Set up a list (Continued from previous page).
  • Page 24 Security First PIN code Enter the Setup menu Select a PIN code (4 to 8 digits) to by pressing »MENU« be entered each time you switch Select »Security« on your phone. If you have already selected a PIN code, this menu Entering the Security menu gives also gives you the choice of dis- you different possibilities of pre-...
  • Page 25: Conversation Menu

    Conversation menu See everything about the possibilities that you have during conversation.
  • Page 26 Conversation menu General Switch between calls This menu is only available • Switch between an active call when you are actually talking and a call put on hold on the phone. Enter the Conversation menu: Press »MENU« Drop active call Scroll through the options: •...
  • Page 27: Overview

    Further information Get an overview of the keypad functions and the display symbols of your phone.
  • Page 28: Keypad Functions

    Keypad functions On/off key and function keys The left-hand function key turns your phone on and off. When the phone is on, the func- tion of these two keys varies according to whether you are in standby or menu mode. The text line at the bottom of the display will inform you of the current func- tion of each key at any time.
  • Page 29: Technical Specifications

    EasyClick The EasyClick system gives you the Insert a front part possibility of changing the design and the colour of your phone by changing the front part, keypad and battery lid. Remove a front part Remove the battery lid and the battery.
  • Page 30: Declaration Of Conformity

    Declaration of Conformity The conformity assessment procedure referred to in Article 10(5) and detailed in Annex V of Directive Siemens Mobile Phones A/S 1999/5/EEC has been followed with the involvement of Industrivej 30 the Notified Body: DK-9490 Pandrup Denmark BABT...
  • Page 31: Extra Phone Books

    Index nswered calls elete an SMS Answering a call Delete a name/number Delete call information Dial mode arring calls Disabling all tones Barred dialling Display symbols Barred numbers Display texts Battery Display time Battery indicator Diverting calls Black Jack Dropping a held call Broadcast setup Duration of last call Broadcast tone...