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Samsung RMC30D1 User Manual page 23

Led tv - d7000 and above pdp tv - d8000 touch control
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Mute Gesture
Mute function by shaking the Touch Control twice.
Account Management
Manage consolidated user accounts using the Touch Control.
S/W Upgrade
Upgrade the software of the Touch Control to the latest version. The charger must be
connected before you perform an upgrade.
Reset the Touch Control to initial settings. The user settings will be deleted and
manufacturer's default settings restored.
Self Diagnosis
Test the current state of network and the video and sound.
System Information
Check the network and software version information.
Use Mode
You can select <Home Mode> or <Shop Mode>.
• <Home Mode>: The auto LCD off is turned on.
• <Shop Mode>: The auto LCD off is turned off.
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