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Samsung RMC30D1 User Manual page 29

Led tv - d7000 and above pdp tv - d8000 touch control
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This Samsung product is warranted for the period of twelve (12) months from the
original date of purchase, against defective materials and workmanship.
In the event that warranty service is required, you should first return the product to the
retailer from whom it was purchased. However, Samsung Authorized Service Centers
will comply with this warranty during the Warranty Period. To obtain details, please
contact your nearest Authorized Service Center.
To make a claim under the warranty, you must contact the Samsung Contact Center
(see details above) during the Warranty Period to discuss the problems you are having
with the product. If a repair or replacement is required, you will be provided with a
Warranty Claim Number and address of an Authorised Service Center.
If you are provided with a Warranty Claim Number, to obtain a repair or replacement
of the product, you must send the product to the Authorised Service Center advised
together with:
(i) a copy of your completed warranty card or, if you have already provided this to
(ii) your original receipt, invoice or sales slip for the purchase of the product as new;
(iii) your Warranty Claim Number.
1. The warranty is only valid if the above procedure for making a warranty claim is
2. Samsung's obligations are limited to the repair or, at its discretion, replacement of
3. Warranty repairs must be carried out by Samsung Authorised Service Centers. No
4. This product is not considered to be defective in materials nor workmanship by
5. The warranty does not apply to any product that has been damaged or rendered
RMC30D1_ZA]BN68-03328B-00L03.indb 29
Samsung, your name, address and contact telephone number;
Samsung will then repair or replace the product and return it to you using the
contact details provided.
the product or the defective part.
re-imbursement will be made for repairs carried out by service centers or dealers
that are not authorised by Samsung and any such repair work and damage to the
products caused by such repair work will not be covered by this warranty.
reason that it requires adaptation in order to conform to national or local technical
or safety standards in force in any country other than the one for which the product
was originally designed and manufactured. This warranty will not cover, and no re-
imbursement will be made for such adaptation, nor any damage which may result.
defective as a result of any of the following excluded reasons, namely:
a. as a result of accident, misuse, or abuse;
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