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Care - Whirlpool EveryDrop EDRD101G1W Use & Care Manual

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Enclosed is a Filter Reminder Sticker. Write the filter color (purple) or number
(Filter 1) on the sticker. Write the replacement date, which is six months from
the date you install the current filter.
Place the sticker where you will see it as a reminder.
When it's time for a new filter, head to or any certified dealer.
If your EveryDrop
Water Dispenser is not operating properly, check the following.
• Is the refrigerator connected to a water supply?
If not, connect the refrigerator to the water supply coming from the house
as instructed earlier in this guide.
• Is the Filter Lock/Unlock Knob in the unlock position?
The Filter Lock/Unlock Knob controls the flow of water to the filter, spout,
and ice maker (if applicable). Unlocking the knob disrupts the flow of water.
If the knob is unlocked, turn the knob so it is in the locked position.
• Is there a kink in the water source line?
If so, straighten the water source line to remove the kink.
• Is this a new installation?
If so, flush and fill the water system. See Step 11 on page 18.
• Is the water pressure at least 30 psi (241 kPa)?
The water pressure to the home determines the flow from the dispenser. See
"Water Supply Requirements" on page 6.
• Is the water cloudy?
If so, the filter needs to be flushed further to saturate the filter and remove
any trapped air.
• Is the Water Dispenser leaking?
Check all water connections and make sure the Drip Tray is in place. If leaking
persists at the unit, unlock the Filter Lock/Unlock Knob to stop the flow of water.
• Other issues?
Call our Customer Experience Center at 1.800.442.9991,
Monday–Friday, 8am–8pm (ET).

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