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Before Calling For Service - Kenmore 580.77157710 Use & Care Manual

Elite smart room air conditioner 15000 btu,18000 btu, 25000 btu.
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Before Calling for Service

If your air conditioner does not function properly or does not function at all, check the following before you call for
service. If you cannot find a solution, turn off the air conditioner and call the Kenmore Customer Care Hotline at
Air conditioner turns on
and off rapidly.
Noise when unit is
Remote will not operate
air conditioner.
Room too cold.
Air conditioner does not
Air conditioner blows
fuses or trips circuit
Possible Cause
Outside temperature is extremely high.
Dirty air filter. Airflow is restricted.
Window is vibrating due to improper
Normal sound of air movement.
The remote control is out of range of the
Path between sensor and remote is
Battery is not installed properly.
Sensor is in direct path of sunlight.
Set temperature is too low.
The air conditioner is unplugged.
The current interrupter device on the
power cord has tripped.
House fuse has blown or circuit breaker
Temperature setting is warmer than room
Unit was turned OFF and ON too quickly.
Too many electrical devices are being
used on the same circuit.
Unit is rated over 7.5 Amps.
Unit is plugged into an extension cord.
Unit was turned OFF and ON too quickly.
Set fan speed at the fastest setting for
maximum cooling.
Clean the air filter.
Refer to the installation instructions or
check with the installer.
This is normal. If too loud, set the fan to a
lower speed.
Hold the remote control within 20 feet
and a 120° radius of the front of the air
Remove the obstruction or stand where
there is a clear path between the remote
and the sensor.
Reinstall battery, checking the polarity.
Position a piece of furniture or other object
to cast a shadow over the sensor.
Increase the set temperature.
Make sure the air conditioner plug is
pushed completely into the outlet.
Press the RESET button located on the
power cord plug. If the RESET button will
not stay engaged, discontinue use of the
air conditioner and contact a qualified
service technician.
Check the house fuse/circuit breaker box
and replace the fuse or reset the breaker.
Set temperature to a lower setting.
Built-in delay will prevent compressor from
turning on for 3 minutes.
Unplug or relocate electrical devices using
same circuit.
Unit should be plugged into a single circuit
Do not use an extension cord to run the
Turn unit OFF and wait 3 minutes before



Table of Contents

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