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Kenmore 580.77157710 Use & Care Manual Page 19

Elite smart room air conditioner 15000 btu,18000 btu, 25000 btu.
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Table of Contents
Air conditioner does not
cool as it should.
Air conditioner freezing
Water drips outside.
Water drips inside.
Water collects in base
For detailed information on the Energy Star program, visit
If "CH" appears in the display, call the Kenmore Customer Care Hotline at 1-844-553-6667.
Possible Cause
Airflow is restricted.
The temperature control is not set correctly. In COOL mode, press Decrease (v).
The air filter is dirty.
The room was very hot.
Cold air is escaping.
Cooling coils have iced up.
The cooling coils are iced over.
Room is hot and humid.
Air conditioner is not installed properly for
water drainage.
Moisture is removed from the air and
drains into the base pan.
Make sure there are no curtains, blinds,
or furniture blocking the front of the air
Clean the filter at least every 2 weeks. (See
the Care and Cleaning section.)
After the air conditioner is turned on, allow
time for the room to cool down.
Check for open furnace floor registers and
cold air returns.
See "Air conditioner freezing up" below.
Ice may block the airflow and prevent the
air conditioner from properly cooling the
room. Set the mode control to High Fan or
High Cool.
This is normal when the weather is hot and
Make sure the air conditioner slants
slightly downward from the front of the
cabinet to the rear. Reposition or shim the
cabinet as necessary. DO NOT drill into
the drain pan.
This is normal. It will occur for short
periods in areas where there is low
humidity and for longer periods in very
humid areas.



Table of Contents

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