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JVC HR-XVC22UC Service Manual Page 57

Dvd player & video cassette recorder.
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Buttons with a small dot on the left side of the name (POWER
(1), TV/VCR, TV/VCR CH +/–, TV VOL+/–, MUTE) can
also be used to operate a JVC's TV after setting the TV/VCR/
DVD switch to the left.
A VCR Button
pg. 28, 33
B TV/VCR/DVD switch
C Menu Button (MENU)
D SP/EP Button
pg. 33
Top Menu Button (TOP MENU)
E Stop Time Button (STOP +/–)
On-Screen Button (ON SCREEN)
F Start Time Button (START +/–)
Repeat Button (REPEAT)
Zooming Button (ZOOM)
G Number Keys
pg. 27, 33, 64
H Daily Button (DAILY)
I Reset Button (C.RESET)
Cancel Button (CANCEL)
10 Button
J Play Button (PLAY (4))
K Rewind Button (REW (3))
pg. 18
pg. 43
pg. 43
pg. 36
pg. 12, 48
pg. 36
pg. 50, 64 67
pg. 45
pg. 37
pg. 35
pg. 39
pg. 28, 42
pg. 28, 29, 44
L Stop Button (STOP (8))
M Record Button (REC (7))
N Reverse Skip/Index Button (SKIP/INDEX (2))
pg. 30, 43
Review Button (
O rt Button
pg. 18
TV/VCR Channel Button (TV/VCR CH +/–)
See the left column
P Set Up Button (SET UP)
Q 3D-Phonic Button (3D-PHONIC)
R TV Volume Button (TV VOL+/–)
S DVD Button
pg. 42
T Power Button (POWER (1))
U TV Muting Button (MUTE)
Audio Monitor Button (A.MONITOR)
pg. 32, 56, 57
V TV/VCR Button
W Date Button (DATE +/–)
Subtitle Button (SUB TITLE)
Angle Button (ANGLE)
X Channel Button (CH +/–)
Y Programing Button (PROG.)
Z Timer Button (TIMER)
a Weekly Button (WEEKLY)
b Program Check Button (PROG. CHECK)
pg. 38
Return Button (RETURN)
c Satellite Auto Recording Button (REC LINK)
pg. 41
d +10 Button
e Auxiliary Button (AUX)
f Fast Forward Button (FF (5))
g Pause Button (PAUSE (9))
h Forward Skip/Index Button (SKIP/INDEX (6))
pg. 30, 43
i ENTER Button
pg. 18
j w e Button
pg. 18
k Display Button (DISPLAY)
l Skip Search Button (SKIP SEARCH)
DVD Picture Button (DVD PICTURE)
How To Use
Before use, insert two AA size batteries into the Remote with
the polarity (
) matched correctly as indicated on
the battery compartment or on the lid.
The Remote can operate most of your unit's functions, as well
as basic functions of TV sets of JVC. (
● Point the Remote toward the remote sensor.
● The maximum operating distance of the remote control is
about 8 m.
If the Remote doesn't work properly, remove its batteries,
wait a short time, replace the batteries and then try again.
pg. 28, 33, 42
pg. 33
pg. 18
pg. 46
See the left
pg. 18, left
See the left column
pg. 34, left column
pg. 36
pg. 54
pg. 55
pg. 33
pg. 36
pg. 37
pg. 37
pg. 43
pg. 68
pg. 28, 29, 44
pg. 29, 33
pg. 35
pg. 30
See the left column)
pg. 47


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