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2. Align with and place carefully above the chosen socket, ensuring
3. Pushing gently on its top corners, press the DIMM into the
4. If the module will not fit easily, remove it and start again.
5. Repeat these steps for each module to be installed.
It is not important which memory socket is used first, but it is usual practice to
start with the lowest number bank available (socket MM1.)
To remove a DIMM
1. Gently press the tabs on both of the end clips at the same time.
2. Lift the module clear of its socket. Hold it by its ends and avoid
3. Place the DIMM in suitable anti-static packaging.
When you have finished, replace and reconnect the drive module
you removed earlier, then refit and secure the system unit cover.
The first time you turn on the computer after adding or removing
memory, the change will be automatically detected by the system
BIOS, if an error message occurs check that you have:
• Installed a configuration supported in the list above.
that the socket end clips are not obstructing.
socket and make sure the two end clips are snapped into place.
Do not use excessive force
This will release the DIMM and lift it out of its socket.
touching the metal contacts.


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