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5. A lever attached to the ZIF socket secures the processor in the
socket. Unhook the lever from the locked position. Lift it
upright (at right-angles to the motherboard). There may be a
little stiffness at the beginning and end of the lever's movement.
6. Lift the processor out of the socket and place it on an anti-static
surface outside the system unit. Hold the processor by its edges
and avoid touching any of the metal pins.
If the processor does not easily lift out of, or fit into the socket, do not force it
or damage may be caused to the processor and the socket. Consult your
supplier or an Apricot dealer.
To fit the upgrade processor:
1. Ensure that the securing lever on the ZIF socket is still in the
upright position.
2. Take the upgrade processor out of its anti-static packaging. Hold
the processor by its edges and avoid touching the metal pins. The
upgrade processor and the ZIF socket are keyed to ensure that
the processor is installed in the correct orientation. (The pin
pattern is totally different at one end.) It will only fit into the
socket one way.
3. Place the processor in the socket, making sure that it is correctly
aligned and that you do not bend or otherwise damage the pins.
Do not use excessive force.
4. Move the ZIF socket lever to the locked position. Apply just
enough pressure to overcome the resistance offered by the lever.
Ensure that it is firmly locked into its down position.
5. Refit the heatsink if the new processor was supplied without one
and secure correctly the retaining spring. Ensure the heatsink
is central on the processor and is securely held.
• If the spring is no longer required, remove it completely by
disengaging it from its hook on the rear of the ZIF socket.


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