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Exit Menu - Siemens SIMATIC IPC627D Operating Manual

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Exit menu

You always exit BIOS Setup in this menu.
Exit Saving Changes
Save Change Without Exit
Exit Discarding Changes
Load Optimal Defaults
Load Custom Defaults
Save Custom Defaults
Discard Changes
BIOS Description
Operating Manual, 05/2016, A5E33664825-AB
All changes are saved and the system is restarted with the new Setup
All changes are saved
All changes are discarded and the system is restarted with the old
Setup parameters.
All setup parameters are reset to the safe default values.
Notice: The existing Setup parameters are overwritten by this.
The profile must be loaded with the custom Setup parameters.
Requirement: The parameters are saved prior to this with "Save
Custom Defaults".
Notice: All existing Setup parameters are overwritten during loading.
Write down the BIOS Setup settings beforehand
Save the BIOS Setup settings as user-specific profile.
The currently configured Setup parameters are saved as a custom
profile (see also "Load Custom Defaults").
All changes are discarded.
BIOS Setup (SCU)
3.8 Exit menu

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