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Overview - Siemens SIMATIC IPC627D Operating Manual

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Parameterize your device in the BIOS Setup.
BIOS Setup program
The BIOS Setup program, or BIOS Setup for short, is located, together with the setup
parameters, in a FLASH block on the motherboard.
Change the setup parameters of the device in the BIOS Setup, e.g. system time or boot
Changing the device configuration
Your device configuration is preset for operating with the included software. You should only
change the default setup parameters if technical modifications to your device require
different parameters.
Malfunctions can occur with running software CPU
If a BIOS update of the PC is performed while SIMATIC software controller, a SIMATIC
WinAC for example, is running, the software CPU can malfunction, resulting in
communication interruptions or failures, for example. Other actions that put a heavy load on
the PC hardware, for example, running hardware tests such as benchmarks, can result in
malfunctions of the software CPU.
Do not run a BIOS update or other actions that would put a heavy load on the hardware
during operation of a software CPU.
Switch the software CPU to "STOP" before you run a BIOS update or perform other critical
BIOS Setup is described for all devices and device configurations. Some BIOS submenus or
Setup parameters may not be included, depending on your order. The interface of your BIOS
Setup can deviate from the figures in this document.
You can find a detailed description of the BIOS on the Support website under
Entry ID 92189178 (
BIOS Description
Operating Manual, 05/2016, A5E33664825-AB

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