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Instructions For Use - KitchenAid khyd238510 Instructions For Use Manual

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Electrical connection
For direct connection to the network it is necessary to fit an omnipolar switch of a suitable size to ensure
disconnection of he network with a contact opening distance that allows complete disconnection in the
conditions of the overtension category III, compliant with the installation regulations (the yellow/green
earth wire must not be interrupted).
The omnipolar socket or switch must be easy to reach when the appliance is installed.
- The manufacturer declines all responsibility if the usual accident prevention standards and the above
instructions are not observed.
If the power cable is damaged, it must be replaced by the manufacturer or by the manufacturer's technical
servicing network, or by a similarly qualified operator, to prevent every possible risk.
Connection to the terminal block
For the electrical connection, use an H05RR-F or H05 VV-F cable as specified in the table below.
220-240 V ~ +

Instructions for use

Operating principle
This is based on the electromagnetic properties of most cooking containers.
The electronic circuit governs the operation of the coil (inductor), creating a magnetic field.
The heat is transmitted by the container to the food.
Te cooking process takes place as follows:
• minimum dispersion (high performance);
• the removal of the pan (simply lifting it) automatically stops the system;
• the electronic system allows maximum flexibility and precision of regulation.
All installation operations (electrical connection) must be carried out by people qualified in compliance
with the laws in force.
For specific instructions, see the installation section.
Important: This apparatus is not suitable for use by person (children included) with reduced mental and
physical capacity or with lack of experience and knowledge unless having previously received suitable
training fot its use by persons responsable for their safety.
It must be ensured that children do not play with the apparatus.
First of all, position the pan in the chosen cooking area.
The absence of the pan display
Number x size
3 x 1,5 mm
means the system cannot start.
H05 RR–F 3x1.5
H05 VV–F 3x1.5