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Installation; Electrical Connection - KitchenAid khyd238510 Instructions For Use Manual

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After unpacking the product, check for any damage during transport.
In case of problems, contact the dealer or the After-Sales Service.
For built-in dimensions and installation instruction, see the pictures in page 5.
- The lower part of the product must not be accessible after installation.
- Do not fit the separator panel if an undertop oven is installed.
These instructions are aimed at qualified fitters as a guide to installation, adjustment and maintenance in
compliance with the laws and standards in force. The operations must always be carried out with the
appliance disconnected from the electricity supply.
The appliance is made to be fitted into a counter top, as show in the figure. Apply the sealant supplied
around the whole perimeter of the hob. Installation over an oven is not recommended, but if this is
necessary, check that:
- the oven has an efficient cooling system;
- there is no passage of hot air from the oven to the hob;
- allow air passages as shown in the figure.
If needing to install multiple Domino products in the same cut-out, the Domino Connector 481010793572
(not included) accessory must be purchased separately from the After-sales Service.
In addition, also order special kit 480121103229 in case of installation in a stone counter top.

Electrical connection

- Disconnect the appliance from the power supply.
- Installation must be carried out by qualified personnel who know the current safety and
installation regulations.
- The manufacturer declines all liability for injury to persons or animals and for damage to
property resulting from failure to observe the regulations provided in this chapter.
- The power cable must be long enough to allow the hob to be removed from the worktop.
- Make sure the voltage specified on the dataplate located on the bottom of the appliance is the
same as that of the home.
Before connecting to the electricity supply, ensure that:
- the characteristics of the system are such as to satisfy that indicated on the registration plate applied to
the bottom of the hob;
- the system has an effective earth connection compliant with the standards and laws in force. Connection
to earth is compulsory by law.
If the appliance has no cable and/or plug, use material suitable for the absorption indicated on the
registration plate and for the working temperature. The cable must not reach a temperature higher than
50°C above room temperature in any point.