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Instructions For Use - KitchenAid KHIS 7720 Instructions For Use Manual

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Instructions for use

Control Panel Description
The control panel is equipped with touch controls: to use them, just press the corresponding symbol (it is
not necessary to press hard).
Switching /
the hob
To select one of the
automatic functions
First use / after a power failure
After connecting the hob to the electrical power supply, the control panel is locked (the indicator light
above the key is ON).
To unlock the control panel, press and hold the
and the hob can be used normally.
Switching the hob ON/OFF
To switch the hob on, press and hold the
turns on and hyphens appear inside the cooking zone circles.
To switch off, press the same key until the hob switches off. All the cooking zones are switched off.
The hob automatically switches off if no function is selected within 10 seconds of switching on.
Switching on and adjusting cooking zones
Cooking zone selection and selected cooking
Slide touchscreen (power adjustment)
After switching on the hob, position the pot on the chosen cooking zone.
Activate the cooking zone by pressing the relative round key: the round key displays number
corresponds to the intermediate power level.
To select and activate the cooking zones
Indicates that one of the
automatic functions is on
Cooking zone timer
zone/power level display
To set the
minute minder
Slide touchscreen
key for 3 seconds. The indicator light switches off
key for approx. 2 seconds: the indicator light above the key
To activate the
flexible zone
To enable the
hold function
To lock the
control panel


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