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KitchenAid khyd238510 Instructions For Use Manual page 12

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Instructions for use
On/off of the Touch Control
The electronic Touch Control is activated by means of the ON/OFF button and switches from the OFF
mode to the Standby mode.
To do so it is necessary to press the ON/OFF button for 1 second. A short Beep will be heard.
When in standby, "0" is displayed on the display of the cooking zone.
This display may go into background due to a residual heat or error signal.
If a cooking zone is activated during the standby time (10 sec.), the control switches over to the On mode.
If no introduction is made within the 10 sec., the control automatically switches to OFF with a short beep.
The electronics can be switched to the OFF mode at any time during the ON mode or the Standby mode by
pressing the ON/ OFF button. The Off function has priority when operating, meaning that the control
switches off even by activating several buttons at the same time.
Switching on a cooking zone
In standby or active mode, a cooking area can be selected by pressing the 3A or 3B buttons (cooking area
After selecting the cooking area, you can touch the "+" button to go from level "0" to "1", "2", etc. ... but
if, instead, you press the "-" button, the heat setting goes to level "9".
When you activate both cooking areas, you will notice that the last one selected will have a brighter
cooking point display (7).
Switching off a cooking zone
a) Simultaneously pressing the cooking area selection button (3A or 3B) and the "-" button.
b) Selecting cooking level "0" of the desired cooking zone with the "-" button
If the last cooking zone is switched off, the control switches to the OFF mode after 10 sec. if nothing else
is switched on.
All cooking zones are switched off immediately by pressing the ON/OFF button.
Cooking and power levels
The cooking and power levels of the cooking zones are shown on the display with 7 allotted segments. The
power of the cooking points can be adjusted to 9 levels and the numbers "1" to "9" and displayed, plus the
letter is "P" is displayed when the Booster function is activated.
Residual heat indicator
Indicates to the user that the glass is at a dangerous temperature if in contact with the area over the cooking
zone. The temperature is determined by means of a mathematical model and possible residual heat is
indicated by "H" on the corresponding 7 segment display.
Heating and cooling are calculated based on:
- The selected power level (from "0" to "9");
- The relay activation time after the cooking zone has been switched off.
The corresponding display shows "H" until the zone temperature drops below the critical level (< 60 °C)
according to the mathematical model.
8 8
1. On/off
2. Child Safety (key lock)
3. Cooking area selection button (A-B)
4. Power increase
5. Power Decrease
6. Timer
7. Cooking point display
8. Timer Led (A-B)