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AEG M1220 Quick Installation Manual page 7

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• hold the unit against the ear on the opposite
side from the pacemaker to reduce the risk of
If you suspect that there is a risk of interference,
turn off the unit and move it further away.
Areas with explosion risk
Always turn off the unit when you are in an area
where there is a risk of explosion and follow all
signs and instructions. An explosion risk exists in
areas such as where you are normally requested
to turn off your car engine. Within such an area,
sparks can cause explosions or fire, which can
lead to personal injury or even death.
Turn off the unit at filling stations (i.e. near petrol
pumps and garages). Follow the restrictions that
are in force on the use of radio equipment near
places where fuel is stored and sold, chemical
factories and places where blasting is in progress.
Areas with risk for explosion are often
– but not always – clearly marked. This also
applies to below decks on ships; the transport
or storage of chemicals; vehicles that use liquid
fuel (such as propane or butane); areas where
the air contains chemicals or particles, such as
grain, dust or metal powder.