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AEG M1220 Quick Installation Manual page 20

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• Add contact info: You can add contact number.
• Add Phiz : You can add Phiz
• Save to draft: You can select save to drafts for
future use.
• Exit : You can exit write message.
All received messages are saved in the inbox, you
can view ,edit or forward message.
Select Message, Inbox then press select left soft
key option to display the options:
• Reply: Reply this message to the sender.
• Delete: Delete the current message.
• Call: make phone call to the sender.
• Lock: lock the current message.
• Move: move the current message.
• Copy: copy the current message.
• Mark: mark the current message.
• Sort: sort the current message.
• Import SMS: You can Import SMS.
• Export SMS: You can Export SMS.
• Add sender to: You can add sender to the
• Delete repeated numbers: You can delete
repeated numbers.
• Add to blacklist: You can add to blacklist.