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Display Backlight - AEG M1220 Quick Installation Manual

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Display backlight

The display backlight automatically turns off if no
buttons are pressed, but can be adjusted for a
different time or to stay on always, by using Menu
> Settings > Display > Backlight Time.
Sound Profiles
You can select from 5 different sound profiles or
create your own, to give different ring settings,
volumes, types and other alerts, by using Menu >
Settings > Profiles.
Also, when in the home screen you can switch
quickly between Silent, Meeting and Normal by
pressing and holding the # key.
Reset to factory default
If you want to clear all data in your phone and reset
it to the factory settings, use Menu > Settings >
Phone settings > Restore factory settings.
• Press OK and then input the phone password
(Default = 0000), followed by OK.
• Press OK again to confirm the reset or Cancel
to cancel it.