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Phone Setting - AEG M1220 Quick Installation Manual

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To request the network to activate call waiting,
select Activate.
To request the network to deactivate call waiting,
select Off
To check whether the function is active, select
Check Status.
• Call barring
Call barring allows you to restrict the calls that you
make and receive with your phone. You can set
All outgoing calls, All incoming calls, Incoming
calls when roaming, ISD calling, Dial when INTl
roaming ,Cancel all barring , change password.
• Others :
You can settings Call time minute reminder, Auto
redial, Reply SMS after reject, Auto record voice
• Blacklist
You can setting and editing the blacklist

Phone setting

Time & date
• Set time: You can set time..
• Set Date: You can set date .
• Time Format: You can select 12-hour or 24-
hour. Pressing up and down to select.