Disassembly Instructions - Nokia 447ZiPlus Service Manual

17” colour monitor
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Disassembly Instructions

Caution : When servicing or replacing the CRT Disconnect the Anode and Discharge the Anode
shield completely. As high voltage (26kV) may remain on the Anode for an extended time
after power off.
1. Face Down The Monitor (Fig 4-1).
2. Back Cover Removal
a) Use small flat bladed screwdriver suitably protected against cabinet damage insert into the four
respective crevices Fig 4-2 "A" where located on the crevices lateral side of the unit in the seam of
the back & front cover, hold and push the clip down to ease the snap – on lock.
b) Remove the back cover.
c) Unplug the DY connector, AC connector, Degaussing coil connector and the CRT grounding
connector from
the FBT shield.
d) Discharge the remaining static electricity by shorting CRT anode to ground. Then remove the FBT
anode connector (Fig.4-3).
e) Remove the PC main board form sliders of the
front cover (Fig.4-4).
3. PCB Assembly Remove
Fig 4-1
4. Disassembly Instructions
Fig 4-2

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents