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17” colour monitor
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Controls on front panel Function
. Power LED
This indicator will light when the power cord is properly connected and the power switch is ON.
The state of the LED is dependent on the Power State of the monitor. When the LED is green, the
monitor is in the normal state. When it is yellow or amber, it indicates a power saving state.
2. Power Switch
Press to power on the monitor; press again to power off.
We recommend to power your system on first, then the monitor.
3. Select
Press MENU key to reveal the OSD menu which include the sub-menu of the arrow headed item in the
lower half part of the OSD window.
The arrow headed item can be selected by pressing either of + key or - key to move the yellow shadow
bar to the function item which to be selected.
When the yellow shadow bar move to the function of submenu, press the select key, OSD will address
to the adjustment of that certain function, by pressing and hold down either of the + key to increase or –
key to decrease the function setting.
4. +/- Key
Other than above functions, + key can also be direct access for the contrast adjustment, whereas – key
is direct access for the brightness adjustment.

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Table of Contents

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Table of Contents