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Nokia 447ZiPlus Service Manual

17” colour monitor.
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Nokia Display Products Oy
P .O.Box 14
FIN---24101 Salo, Finland
17" Colour Monitor 447ZiPlus
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    Nokia Display Products Oy P .O.Box 14 FIN---24101 Salo, Finland 17” Colour Monitor 447ZiPlus ZB1730 When re--- ordering manuals, please quote the model name and part number. 01.00...

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  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    TABLE OF CONTENTS PAGE 1. Precautions and notices------------------------------------------ 2 2. Specification----------------------------------------------------------4 3. Control Location and Functions---------------------------------5 4. Disassembly instructions----------------------------------------- 7 5. General Connections & applications---------------------------9 6. Electronic Circuit Description------------------------------------10 7. Adjustment----------------------------------------------------------- 21 8. Troubleshooting follow Chart------------------------------------ 27 9. Block Diagram-------------------------------------------------------34 11.

  • Page 4: Precautions And Notices

    1. PRECAUTIONS AND NOTICES SAFETY PRECAUTIONS 1) Observe all cautions and safety related notes located inside the display cabinet and on the display chassis. 2) Operation of these displays with the cabinet removed involves a safety hazard from electric shock. Work on the display should not be attempted by anyone who is not thoroughly familiar with precautions necessary when working on high voltage equipment.

  • Page 5

    product safety notice Many electrical and mechanical parts in this chassis provide special visual safety protection. The protection afforded by them cannot necessarily be obtained by using replacement components rated for higher voltage. wattage. etc.. Before replacing any of these components. read the parts list in this manual carefully. The use of substitute replacement parts which do not have the same safety characteristics as specified in the parts list may create shock, fire.

  • Page 6: Specification

    Time Table For Sync. Signal Mode No. Unit Resolution 720 x 400 640 x 480 640 x 480 800 x 600 Horizontal Frequency 31.468 31.469 43.269 37.879 (A)Horizontal 31.774 31.778 23.11 26.4 usec (B ) Horizontal Pulse 3.813 3.813 1.556 usec (C ) Horizontal Back Porch 1.907...

  • Page 7: Control Location And Functions

    3. Control Location and Functions FRONT Down/Brightness Key Select Key Power LED Up/contrast key Power Switch...

  • Page 8

    Controls on front panel Function . Power LED This indicator will light when the power cord is properly connected and the power switch is ON. The state of the LED is dependent on the Power State of the monitor. When the LED is green, the monitor is in the normal state.

  • Page 9: Disassembly Instructions

    4. Disassembly Instructions Disassembly Instructions Caution : When servicing or replacing the CRT Disconnect the Anode and Discharge the Anode shield completely. As high voltage (26kV) may remain on the Anode for an extended time after power off. 1. Face Down The Monitor (Fig 4-1). 2.

  • Page 10

    Fig.4-3 Fig.4-4...

  • Page 11: General Connections & Applications

    5. General Connection & Applications Procedure for installing and using this model of ultra Super-VGA color display. 1. Set up the display at the desired operation location , on top of or beside your personal computer. Plug the power cord into the monitor and then connect the other end of the power cord into an AC outlet. The three-wire power cord is provided as a Safety Precautions to ensure proper electrical grounding 2.

  • Page 12: Electronic Circuit Description

    6. ELECTRONIC CIRCUIT DESCRIPTION 6-1. Switching Mode Power Supply (SMPS) The switching mode power supply for this monitor is a full range type. Universal power input of ac 100V … 240V is compatible. The AC input is supplied through the slow blow fuse F801, the first line filter T802, the second line filter T803 to the rectifier D811 …D814.

  • Page 13

    thereby blocking the power output, the voltage at pin7 of I862 then decrease to below 10V, I862 is forced off. However, in order to allow auto-recovery from power saving off state, the SMPS circuit is designed as an unlatched type, the DC current flows via R849 Q850, R850 to charge C866A again, when the voltage across C866A has reached 16V, I862 is turned on again.

  • Page 14

    When the display signal enters the “ off ” state of power saving which both H. sync and V. sync off, the voltage at pin31& pin 29 of I501 are low, then Q820 is off and Q822 is off too, there is no 8V & 14V Voltage for the circuit.

  • Page 15

    To manually degauss, it can be operated by selecting " " from the OSD Menu and pressing MENU select key , it is similar to auto-degaussing. MCU will be signaling a "high" level to Q801 , hence the manual degaussing is activated. OSD lock / unlock function When the degauss icon “...

  • Page 16

    The table below describes the relationship between CS logic and horizontal frequency. <33khz 34 to 39 khz 40 to 44 khz 45 to 51khz 52 to 61 khz Hf > 62 khz (Linearity S correction) (Linearity S correction) (Linearity S correction) (Linearity C correction)

  • Page 17

    6-6. Deflection Processor I401 TDA9111 is an SGS monolithic integrated circuit assembled in a 32 pins shrunk dual in line plastic package. I401 controls all the function related to the horizontal and vertical deflection in a multi-sync monitor. As can be seen in the block diagram, I401 includes the following function: Auto-sync and auto-processing for positive or negative H.

  • Page 18: Vertical Deflection Circuit

    VREF Vertical Section Reference Voltage (to be filtered) V-CAP Vertical Saw-tooth Generator Capacitor V-OUT Vertical Ramp Output ( With frequency independent amplitude and S or C Corrections if any) It is mixed with vertical position reference voltage output and vertical moiré) E/W-OUT East/West Pincushion Correction Parabola Output X-RAY...

  • Page 19: Horizontal Deflection Circuit

    6-9. Horizontal Deflection Circuit Q429 is switched by the horizontal drive signal from pin26 of I401 via level-shift components R424, C427, and D428. This produces a sufficient voltage to drive T430, Snubber network R429, C429 compensates for leakage inductance in T430 and shapes the base drive waveform. The drive signal is fed to Q433 via D431, R431.

  • Page 20: Video Circuit

    6-12. Video Circuit There are three the ICs applied for the video circuit. I901 is a three channel pre-amplifier IC; I903 is OSD display IC. I904 is for video output amplifier IC. The analog R. G. B. video input signal are supplied through the cable, which is terminated at P901, these input signal are approximately 0.7Vp-p in amplitude.

  • Page 21

    6-13. Brightness Control Circuit The -157V is obtained from the FBT # PIN7 negative fly-back pulse via rectifier D489, through R484, R482, D357 to supply Grid 1 of CDT(G1). This G1 voltage is normally set up at -70V. The brightness control of the monitor is achieved by changing the G1 voltage via Q495, Q497. The control voltage is derived from the pin26 of I501.

  • Page 22

    6-17. HV. B+ Control Circuit The B+ control circuit generates the supply voltage for the horizontal scanning circuit. This supply voltage is approximately proportion to the H frequency in order to keep the scanning amplitude constant when the horizontal frequency changes. The circuit is a step-up converter and it uses the current mode regulation principle.

  • Page 23: Adjustment

    7. ADJUSTMENT R833: B+ Adjust MAIN BOARD (Component side view) PWB—0169 R321: Hv Adjust R471: ABL Adjust Display LED’s R833 R321 R471 CRT DRIVE BOARD (Component side view) PWB-0170 FOCUS FOCUS2 SCREEN...

  • Page 24

    7-1. B+ Output Voltage Adjustment a) Apply a VGA signal (53.6KHz) with cross hatch pattern to the unit. b) Turn the brightness control and contrast control to the maximum. c) B+ adj. (R833) for the voltage across C806 to be 56V +2V, -0.5V. d) Verify the voltage on the table Voltage Spec.

  • Page 25

    7-4. Auto Sizing Adjustment To enter into the factory setting mode, operate according the following procedure. Switch off the monitor first, then push and hold down the "SELECT" control key to power on again, wait 1.0 second to release the " SELECT " key.The monitor is now in the factory setting mode, all the data of adjustment will be set at the factory setting automatically.

  • Page 26

    Y=4.2 Cd/mm2 approx (reference only). 5. Do not adjust the G2, must remain as it was. § Video Gain & White Balance 1. CONTRAST : MAX, BRIGHTNESS set at 1.0 Cd/mm2 2. Apply a 50 x 50mm solid block green pattern. 3.

  • Page 27

    7-5.1. GEOMETRIC ADJUST a. Press the MENU key to reveal the OSM, then using either the+key or -key to choose the geometric adjustment.( SHAPE as shown on OSD ) b. Selecting the item which needs to be adjusted in the submenu disposed on the lower part of the OSM c.

  • Page 28: Focus Adjust

    7-6. Focus Adjust a) Apply a 69 kHz signal with cross-hatch pattern. b) Adjust FOCUS adjust on T440 to get the best overall focus. 7-7. Convergence Adjustment Note 1: For a unit with new ITC, adjustment for convergence may not be necessary. 2: Prior to the convergence alignment the another adjustment procedures must be completed.

  • Page 29: Troubleshooting Follow Chart

    8. TROUBLESHOOTING FLOW CHART (1) Power Start NG Power start NG Is the voltage at C815 normal (125-340V) Replace F801 F801 open ? Does R808 open? Check power socket copper and plug & D811…D814, R805 Check Q868,I862,D831,R867 Is the start-up voltage at C831(16V) Check R849, R848, D870, C831,...

  • Page 30

    (2) No Video (raster appear) No Video(raster appear) Are the waveforms at pin 2,6,11 of I901 Normal Check signal cable, C901, C931, C961 Are the voltages at pin 15 of I901 normal ? Check ABL line from PCB Are the waveforms at pin 35,32,29 of I901 normal ?

  • Page 31

    (3) No Raster appear No raster appear the H.V. correct Does raster light up with SCREEN control turned clockwise Is the Reset SCREEN voltage at O/P control. of D442 normal (69…165V)? Is the Check B+ converter voltage at CKTQ440, Q438, heater normal Q439, D442 (6.3V) ?

  • Page 32

    (4) R/G/B is Missing (5) Loss of Vertical Synchronization R/G/B is Missing Loss of vertical synchronization Is the waveform at Pin Is the 2/6/11 of I901 waveform at normal Pin 32 of I501 Check signal cable. normal ? C901/C931/C961 Check I401,C328 Is the waveform at Pin...

  • Page 33

    (6) Loss of Horizontal Synchronization Loss of horizontal synchronization Is the waveform at Pin 33 of I401 normal ? Check I401 C414, R409, C468 Is the waveform at Pin 39 of I501 normal Check Q550, C550, R551,C551 Check I501...

  • Page 34

    (7) No Vertical Scanning (One Horizontal Line) No vertical scanning Is the waveform at Pin 5 of I330 normal ? Deflection yoke is defective. Are the voltages at Pin 2 of I330 14V Pin 4 of I330 -9V ? R334 is defective. Is the voltage at Pin 7 of I330 normal...

  • Page 35

    (8) MICRO CONTROL FUNCTION ABNORMAL MICRO CONTROL ABNORMAL Is the control function working ? Is the sync signal on Pin 39/40 normal PWB-0171 key control board Check Q550, Q556 Check 5V on Pin 5 of I501 Check X510, D506, C506 (9)HORIZONTAL WIDTH CONTROL ABNORMAL H.

  • Page 36: Block Diagram

    9.BLOCK DIAGRAM PWB-0170 R930 6.3V T802 T803 90V… D807 T802/T803 D811…D814 264V D802 D811…D814 Heater T801 I862 D805 EMI Filter, Rectifier. Q868,D831 D806 R831 I903 R833 R808 I902 I401 R Video out Q840 D803/ Power LED H&V OSC D804 VIDEO V901 CRT Q862 SMPS...

  • Page 37: Circuit Diagram


  • Page 39: Pcb Layout

    11. PCB LAYOUT...

  • Page 41: Mechanical Disassembly


  • Page 42: Mechanical Parts List

    5648726300 COPPER FOIL-CRT T= 0.5mm 5648006100 DECORATING PLATE 5642414500 PCB SPACER SUPPORT (LSD-9A) 5642670401 FOOT PAD 5642024400 CABLE SADDLE 5642665700 LOGO (NOKIA) 5642414100 SPONGE 5642018213 HIGH VOLTAGE WARNING LABEL 5635572006 S/N LABEL 5635580701 BAR CODE BLANKNESS LABEL 5635562900 MODEL LABEL...

  • Page 43: Electrical Parts List

    14. ELECTRICAL PARTS LIST WARNING: Replacement parts that have special characteristics important to safety should be replaced only with types identical to those in the original circuit or specified in the parts list. Before replacing any of these components, read carefully the product safety precautions. Do not degrade the safety of the display through improper servicing ABBREVIATIONS: RESISTOR...

  • Page 44

    CKT NO. Part no. Description CKT NO. Part no. Description C408 5210502191 EL 50V 2.2UF M C472 5270364401 ME 250V 0.64UF J C408A 5232333191 CE 500V 330PF K C477 5270208001 ME 400V 0.27UF J C409 5231322291 CE 50V 2200PF K C478 5231347291 CE 50V 4700PF K...

  • Page 45

    CKT NO. Part no. Description CKT NO. Part no. Description C804 5233327191 CE 1KV 270PF K C825 5230105501 CE 400V 4700PF M C805 5213547112 EL 35V 470UF M C826 5230105501 CE 400V 4700PF M C805A 5232310301 CE 500V 10000PF K C827 5213310191 EL 16V 100UF M...

  • Page 46

    CKT NO. Part no. Description SEMICONDUTOR DIODE D310(RA) 6613003032 DIODE SWITCHING 1N4148 D310(RB) 6613003037 DIODE SWITCHING 1N4148 D311(RA) 6613003032 DIODE SWITCHING 1N4148 D311(RB) 6613003037 DIODE SWITCHING 1N4148 D338(RA) 6613003032 DIODE SWITCHING 1N4148 D338(RB) 6613003037 DIODE SWITCHING 1N4148 D344(RA) 6611007240 DIODE 1N4002RL D344(RB) 6611007244 DIODE 1N4002...

  • Page 47

    CKT NO. Part no. Description D442(RB) 6611027251 DIODE RECTIFIER RG4 LF-L1 D442A 5061105400 CORE BEAD BRH5X4X1.5 D446 6615007834 DIODE ZENER HZ5C1-TD 4.9…5.1 D449(RA) 6615013831 DIODE ZENER HZ33-2-TD 32.2…33.6V D449(RB) 6615004534 DIODE ZENER TZX33B D453(RA) 6611000341 DIODE RECTIFIER FRRD 1N4935-G23 D453(RB) 6613002244 DIODE SWITCHING RGP10D-G23 D453(RC)

  • Page 48

    CKT NO. Part no. Description D805(RB) 6611027251 DIODE RECTIFIER RG4 LF-L1 D805A 5061105400 CORE BEAD BRH5X4X1.5 D806 6611032640 DIODE RECTIFIER FRRD BYV26D 800V 1.5A D807(RA) 6611018200 DIODE RECTIFIER 30DF2 D807(RB) 6611018542 DIODE RECTIFIER FR303 D807(RC) 6611015244 DIODE RECTIFIER UF5402G D808 6611032640 DIODE RECTIFIER FRRD BYV26D 800V 1.5A D811...

  • Page 49

    CKT NO. Part no. Description I502(RA) 6647051822 IC MEMORY EEPROM 8K MICROCHIP 24LC08B/P DIP-8 I502(RB) 6647051823 IC MEMORY CMOS EEPROM AT24C08 –10PC DIP-8 I502(RC) 6647051824 IC MEMORY CMOS EEPROM 24WC08P DIP-8 I502(RD) 6647051825 IC MEMORY CMOS EEPROM KS24C081C DIP-8 I810(RA) 6640002705 IC VOLTAGE REGULATOR L7812CV +12V 1.5A I810(RB)

  • Page 50

    CKT NO. Part no. Description Q407(RB) 6626004000 TRANSISTOR FET MOS N-CH 2SK2161 Q408(RA) 6621015332 TRANSISTOR NPN HF 2SC1815Y Q408(RB) 6621015335 TRANSISTOR NPN HF H945P Q408A(RA) 6621015332 TRANSISTOR NPN HF 2SC1815Y Q408A(RB) 6621015335 TRANSISTOR NPN HF H945P Q409(RA) 6621015332 TRANSISTOR NPN HF 2SC1815Y Q409(RB) 6621015335 TRANSISTOR NPN HF H945P...

  • Page 51

    CKT NO. Part no. Description Q581(RA) 6621015332 TRANSISTOR NPN HF 2SC1815Y Q581(RB) 6621015335 TRANSISTOR NPN HF H945P Q801(RA) 6621015332 TRANSISTOR NPN HF 2SC1815Y Q801(RB) 6621015335 TRANSISTOR NPN HF H945P Q820(RA) 6623006330 TRANSISTOR PNP HF 2SA966Y Q820(RB) 6623007230 TRANSISTOR PNP HF 2SA1020Y Q821(RA) 6621015332 TRANSISTOR NPN HF 2SC1815Y...

  • Page 52

    RESISTOR CKT NO Part no. Description CKT NO Part no. Description R201 5142110095 R CF 1/6W 10 J R404 5142120295 R CF 1/6W 2K J R202 5142110095 R CF 1/6W 10 J R405 5142815395 R CF 1/4W 15K J R203 5142143295 R CF 1/6W 4K3 J R406...

  • Page 53

    CKT NO Part no. Description CKT NO Part no. Description R439 5142810395 R CF 1/4W 10K J R485 5130210007 R MOF 1/2W 10 J R440 5142810295 R CF 1/4W 1K J R486 5142115495 R CF 1/6W 150K J R441 5130482103 R MOF 2W 820 J R489 5130322903...

  • Page 54

    CKT NO Part no. Description CKT NO Part no. Description R529 5142110395 R CF 1/6W 10 K J R822 5142843295 R CF 1/4W 4K3 J R530 5142110295 R CF 1/6W 1K J R824 5142130395 R CF 1/6W 30K J R531 5142868395 R CF 1/4W 68K J R826...

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  • Page 56

    ASSEMBLY PCB-CRT DRIVE (PWB-0170) CAPACITOR CKT NO Part no. Description CKT NO Part no. Description Part no. Descrip C900 5242210191 C CE 50V 100PF J C928 5242210191 C CE 50V 100PF J C900A 5242210191 C CE 50V 100PF J C930B 5242210191 C CE 50V 100PF J C901...

  • Page 57

    CKT NO Part no. Description DIODE D901 6613003032 DIODE SWITCHING 1N4148-TD D902 6613003032 DIODE SWITCHING 1N4148-TD D903 6613004934 DIODE SWITCHING 1SS133 D904 6613004934 DIODE SWITCHING 1SS133 D913 6613003032 DIODE SWITCHING 1N4148-TD D914 6613003032 DIODE SWITCHING 1N4148-TD D922 6615007834 DIODE ZENER HZ501-TD 4.9…5.1 D923 6613003032 DIODE SWITCHING 1N4148-TD...

  • Page 58

    CKT NO Part no. Description TRANSISTOR Q903 6621026430 TRANSISTOR NPN HF BF422 Q933 6621026430 TRANSISTOR NPN HF BF422 Q963 6621026430 TRANSISTOR NPN HF BF422 Q985(RA) 6621015332 TRANSISTOR NPN HF 2SC1815Y Q985(RB) 6621015335 TRANSISTOR NPN HF H945P Q987(RA) 6621015332 TRANSISTOR NPN HF 2SC1815Y Q987(RB) 6621015335 TRANSISTOR NPN HF H945P...

  • Page 59

    RESISTOR CKT NO Part no. Description CKT NO Part no. Description R901 5142175095 R CF 1/6W 75 J R946 5142812595 R CF 1/4W 1M2 J R902 5142118395 R CF 1/6W 18K J R947 5142815395 R CF 1/4W 15K J R903 5142118295 R CF /16W 1K8 J R948...

  • Page 60

    CKT NO. Part no. Description OTHER U901 5053101700 PCB PWB-0170 V901(RA) 5051255900 CCRT/DY M41AGE93X46 CVM(U) 17-TCO V901(RB) 5051255901 CCRT/DY M41AGE93X46 CJM(U) +JNY-7701 V901A 5056306720 CRT SOCKET B10-304 22.5mm 9P Z901 5202202491 SPARK GAP MITSUBISHI DC300V 1PF DSP-301N-C04F Z914(RA) 5202201991 SPARK GAP MITSUBISHI DC200V 1PF DSP-201N-C04F Z914(RB) 5202201301 SPARK GAP MITSUBISHI DC200V 1PF GD412-200V-M...

  • Page 61

    It has been agreed between Nokia and Tatung to comply with the After Sales concept described below. 1. Invoicing: Tatung UK Service will receive Nokia TPMs Invoice – at Nokia rate specifically agreed for this product – direct from Nokia TPM.

  • Page 62

    TATUNG EUROSERVICE Nokia Visual Display Monitor Model 449Z151/159 – 449ZA Model 449Z051 – 510C Model 447ZiPlus - 4472051 Technical Support Service Manual Supply This is via Henning Gronroos in Salo. Service Information Technical Updates This is via Henning Gronroos in Salo after consultation with Tatung Service.

  • Page 63

    Call Scheduling Provided by the TPM on behalf of Nokia and therefore Nokia receive TPM Invoice. On Site Swap Out Provided by {or organised by} TPM on behalf of Nokia and therefore Nokia receive TPM Invoice. Product Repair Provided by TPM on behalf of Tatung and therefore Tatung Service receive TPM Invoice.

  • Page 64

    *** Nokia and Tatung are working together on a Warranty Adder project such that if Nokia TPMs are unable to Invoice at Tatung Current Market prices then Nokia will consider using Tatung TPMs {project time-table as on Page 4}.

  • Page 65

    as used by Tatung to calculate Consignment Spares per TPM as at 27/08/99 : Advised TPM Austria Belgium I.M.D. of Saintes-Tubize Czech Agora Plus of Brno Denmark I.C.L. of Ballerup Finland Powermill of Helsinki France S.I.L. of Roissey Germany M+S of Frankfurt Greece Elnet of Athens Hungary...

  • Page 66

    TATUNG EUROSERVICE Nokia Visual Display Monitor Model 449Z151/159 – 449ZA Model 449Z051/059 - 510C Model 4472051 - 447ZiPlus Spares Supply Standard Components These are supplied by the TPM and are not supplied free of charge by Tatung. These are identified as costing less than US1.00 and available in the market.

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