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17” colour monitor
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Nokia Display Products Oy
Customer Service
449Z151/159 – 449ZA.
449Z051/059 – 510C
4472051/059 – 447ZiPlus
Dear Service Partner,
The regarded models are outsourced products designed and manufactured by TATUNG according to Nokia's
It has been agreed between Nokia and Tatung to comply with the After Sales concept described below.
1. Invoicing:
Tatung UK Service will receive Nokia TPMs Invoice – at Nokia rate specifically agreed for this product – direct
from Nokia TPM.
Invoice is to be for Repair and Return (one way transport) only.
Tatung UK Service will later instruct TPMs where to send their invoice.
Buffer Stock and Costs for Customer Swap Out is Nokia responsibility and will be invoiced to Nokia directly.
2. Reporting:
TPM will advise maintenance activities regarding these products using Nokia's standard report format but on
separate worksheet! Report to be sent to Tatung UK Service on regular monthly basis with the invoice.
A copy of the report to be sent to Nokia as well.
PROD_CODE 449Z151 (Europe), 449Z159 (US)
PROD_CODE 449Z051 (Europe), 449Z051 (US)
PROD_CODE 4472051 (Europe), 4472059 (US)
3. Practical matters:
Tatung UK Service provides Nokia TPMs with Specific Components direct from Tatung UK Service at no
Tatung UK Service will later instruct TPMs how to re-order spare parts occasionally.
In case of need of Specific Technical Support (repair clues etc.) TPM should contact Technical Support Team
at Nokia, Finland.
For any further consultation regarding the After Sales issue of the a.m. products, please contact:
At Nokia:
Your After Sales contacts of respective NDP Sales Company / Office
At Tatung UK Service:
Mr. John Satchwell (
Mr. Adrian Morris (
tel.: ++ 44 1952 280401, fax: ++ 44 1952 292096
February 2000
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Table of Contents

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Table of Contents