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17” colour monitor
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Nokia Visual Display Monitor
Model 449Z151/159 – 449ZA
Model 449Z051 – 510C
Model 447ZiPlus - 4472051
Technical Support
Service Manual Supply
This is via Henning Gronroos in Salo.
Service Information Technical Updates
This is via Henning Gronroos in Salo after consultation with Tatung Service.
Technical Help for Repairs
This is via Henning Gronroos who has direct access to Tatung UK Technical Department.
Spares Supply
Standard Components
These are supplied by the TPM and are not supplied free of charge by Tatung.
These are identified as costing less than US1.00 and available in the market.
Specific Components
These are supplied, on a consignment basis, free of charge by Tatung.
These are identified as costing more than US$1.00, or are unique to the Tatung product.
Consignment Spares
These will be supplied direct to the TPM based on anticipated repairs, which are based on
the market share per country, as advised to Telford by Salo from time to time. {See Page 4
for current information}
Replenishment Spares
These will be supplied automatically on a monthly basis according to the usage that TPM
tells us in TPM monthly report.
If TPM needs some more frequently then TPM simply needs to contact Tatung Service at
Telford {see Contacts on Page 3}.
These are regarded as a Specific Component and must be replaced if faulty.
We may require faulty CRTs to be returned to Tatung Service at Telford - we will advise
TPM if that is necessary from time to time.
Main PCBs
These are not available as a spare part.
If TPM wishes to replace a Main PCB the TPM must advise the reason to Tatung Service
Technical Department who will, if it is justified, authorise the despatch of a Main PCB.

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Table of Contents

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Table of Contents