Focus Adjust; Convergence Adjustment - Nokia 447ZiPlus Service Manual

17” colour monitor
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7-6. Focus Adjust

a) Apply a 69 kHz signal with cross-hatch pattern.
b) Adjust FOCUS adjust on T440 to get the best overall focus.

7-7. Convergence Adjustment

Note 1: For a unit with new ITC, adjustment for convergence may not be necessary.
2: Prior to the convergence alignment the another adjustment procedures must be completed.
a) Apply a VGA signal with full-white pattern to the unit.
b) Turn brightness control to center detects.
c) Use a photometer to set the screen center brightness up to 20 FL by adjusting the contrast
d) Apply a VGA signal with crosshatch pattern to the unit.
e) Loosen the convergence magnet ring with a screwdriver.
f) Converge the red and blue lines at the center of screen by rotation the two tabs of the 4 poles
static convergence magnet.
g) Tighten the convergence magnet lock ring with a screwdriver.

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Table of Contents

Table of Contents