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Nokia 446PRO Service Manual


Nokia Display Products Oy
P .O.Box 14
FIN---24101 Salo, Finland
19" High Resolution Colour Monitor
Main Board module . . . . . .
CRT module . . . . . . . . . . . . .
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Chassis 446F
Monitor Dismantling
Part List
PCB Part List
PCB Layout pictures


Table of Contents

Summary of Contents for Nokia 446PRO

  • Page 1 Nokia Display Products Oy Chassis 446F P .O.Box 14 FIN---24101 Salo, Finland 19” High Resolution Colour Monitor 446PRO Contents Service Monitor Dismantling Part List PCB Part List PCB Layout pictures Level Main Board module ..
  • Page 2 446F...
  • Page 3: Table Of Contents

    Service Contents 1. Product Overview 1.1. Technical Specifications 1.2. Certifications 1.2.1. Safety 1.2.2. EMC 1.2.3. X---ray, emissions, environmental, ergonomics 1.3. Preset Display Modes 1.4. S--Capacitor Table 1.5. Monitor Connection 1.6. User Controls 1.7. Menu 2. Site Preparation 2.1. Location 2.2. Troubleshooting 2.3.
  • Page 4: Level

    7.7.3. Static Convergence 7.7.4. Dynamic Convergence 7.7.5. Allowed Error Levels for Convergence 7.8. Colour Purity 8. Screen and Faceplate Blemishes 8.1. Definitions of inspection conditions and terms 8.1.1. Standard observing condition 8.1.2. Zone division 8.1.3. Minimum distance beetween defects 8.1.4. Average diameter of defect 8.2.
  • Page 5: Product Overview

    1. Product Overview 446F is a 19 inch monitor. The maximum resolution of 1600 x 1200 makes the monitor suitable for PC, Macintosh and workstation applications in normally heated, ventialed and controlled office/home environment. The monitor has an own power supply with nominal input voltage requirements from 90 V to 264 V.
  • Page 6: Certifications

    1.2. Certifications The monitor has following agency approvals 1.2.1. Safety FIMKO, DEMKO NEMKO, SEMKO UL / USA CSA / Canada TÜV ---GS / Germany IAA / Korea PSB / Singapore CCIB / China 1.2.2. EMC FCC---D.O.C. VCCI / Japan CE / Europe RRL EMI / Korea BSMI / Taiwan 1.2.3.
  • Page 7: Preset Display Modes

    1.3. Preset Display Modes Right Border Left Border Full 0.7 V intensity Video Blanking H Blanking H Active Video H Back porch H Front Porch H Sync H Sync. Signal Bottom Border Upper Border Full 0.7 V intensity Video Blanking V Blanking V Active Video V Back Porch...
  • Page 8 Right Border Left Border Full 0.7 V intensity Video Blanking H Blanking H Active Video H Back porch H Front Porch H Sync H Sync. Signal Bottom Border Upper Border Full 0.7 V intensity Video Blanking V Blanking V Active Video V Back Porch V Front Porch V Sync...
  • Page 9: S--Capacitor Table

    1.4. S- -Capacitor table f/kHz 27.6 28.4 29.2 30.4 30.8 31.8 32.8 33.7 34.7 36.0 37.2 38.3 39.4 40.4 41.4 42.7 44.2 45.8 47.7 49.4 51.6 53.5 54.6 55.8 57.3 59.0 60.5 62.2 65.3 446F...
  • Page 10 65.3 68.8 71.3 74.1 78.2 82.8 87.4 94.0 100.0 108.0 446F...
  • Page 11: Monitor Connection

    1.5. Monitor Connection Make sure that the monitor is disconnected from mains and the power switches of the computer and all attached devices are turned off before connecting the monitor. Connect the signal cable plug to the videocontroller connector at the back of the computer. Tighten the screws on the plug by hand.
  • Page 12: User Controls

    1.6. User Controls 1. Power switch 2. Power on indicator 3. Menu button 4. Select and adjustment buttons When the power is turned on, the power- -on indicator will light. The colour of the the power--on light indicates the operating state of the monitor. Green: The monitor is in Normal, Stand---by or Suspend operation.
  • Page 13: Menu

    1.7.Menu 1.7.1. Moving in the menu Menu operations are controlled with button and ---/+ buttons. Call the menu to the screen by pushing button. Select the header with ---/+ buttons. Push to confirm the selection. Adjustment and settings corresponding the header appear below the header field. Select the adjustment with ---/+ buttons.
  • Page 15: Site Preparation

    2. Site Preparation 2.1. Location This Monitor is designed for normal office conditions. It is equipped with own power supply. It is not to be serviced or repaired on site 2.2. Troubleshooting Local service facilities should perform simple maintenance such as trimming. More advanced main- tenance and repair that requires replacement of components which in turn requires testing and re- trimming should be carried out in a central workshop.
  • Page 16: Checking The Operation Of Powersaver

    2.3. Checking the Operation of PowerSaver The proper operation of the function requires a computer with VESA DPMS power management capabilities. Note that the power saving feature must be activated in the computer when checking the operation. State Colour of the power--on indicator Heater Video Normal Operation...
  • Page 17: Controlling The Memory For Picture Adjustments

    3. Controlling the Memory for Picture Adjustments The picture adjustment values are stored in non-volatile memory. The memory has separated areas for User Adjustments and for Factory Adjustments. 3.1. Memory for User Adjustments 3.1.1. Adjustment If there are values available in the memory for user adjustments, corresponding to the present timing signals, they are always used.
  • Page 18: Adjustment

    4. Service Mode Service Mode is needed for updating of the factory adjustments for display mode listed in the chap- ter Preset Display Modes. If there is no location in factory adjustment memory for display mode cur- rently in use, the adjustment affects the memory for user adjustments. 4.1.
  • Page 19: Service Menu

    4.2. Service Menu 4.2.1. Access to Service Mode Activate 9300K color temperature before you go to the service menu. Activate the service mode always in 91.376 kHz/85 Hz (GTF642). First switch OFF the monitor with power switch. 1) Push button down. 2) While keeping button down, switch ON the monitor.
  • Page 20: Memory Settings And Initializing The Replacement Ic (Ic204 On Sma)

  • Page 21: Workshop Maintenance

    5. Workshop Maintenance 5.1. Important Safety Notice The components, which are important for safety, are marked with special mark ! on the circuit dia- gram. It is essential that these critical parts should be replaced with manufacture’s specified parts to prevent X--radiation, shock, fire or other hazards.
  • Page 22: Disassembly

    5.5. Disassembly 5.5.1. Cabinet Set the monitor on cushion picture tube facing down 1. Loosen and remove two screws. 2. Open the plastic pawls with a screwdriver or special tool (for instance 860006) Screw Push open on both sides Do not twist 446F...
  • Page 23: Image Performance

    6. Image performance Measurement to verify this specification shall be made with equipment that measures the dis- played image as if it were projected forward onto a flat plane tangent to the center of the CRT faceplate surface and perpendicular to the Z---axis of the CRT. Image performance specifications are applicable over specified input power conditions, speci- fied environmental operating conditions and after being subjected to the specified non---operat- ing environmental conditions.
  • Page 24: White Uniformity

    6.3. White Uniformity Measurement conditions: --- Full screen picture size, Brightness in middle 100 nit --- Magnetic field horizontal Gauss vertical 0.45 Gauss --- Warming up time 1 hour Maximum variation between colour coordinates between any measurement points shall not vary more than d(x),d(y) below.
  • Page 25: Image Size

    --- Luminance uniformity: With the brightness control set so that the background raster is just extinguished the contrast control set for L0 = 100 nits, ( 29 Ft ---L), luminance on areas L1, L2, L3 and L4 shall be greater than (75 %) of L0.(75 nits) 6.6.
  • Page 26: Adjustment Procedure

    7. Adjustment Procedure The following procedure must be carried out in case of large service operations e.g. when a circuit board or nonvolatile memory ICA has been replaced by a new one. The order of adjustments explained here has been found to produce the desired result with the mini- mum of effort.
  • Page 27: Preliminary Preparations

    7.2. Preliminary Preparations Connect the signal cable to the PC. Switch on the monitor and the PC. Let the monitor warm up for 20 minutes before starting the adjustments. 7.2.1. High Voltage Select 91.376 kHz/85 Hz (GTF642) crosshatch test pattern. Connect the high voltage meter to the anode of the picture tube.
  • Page 28: Geometry

    7.3. Geometry Magnetic fields for following adjustments: vertical 0.45G and horizontal 0.0G. Activate Service Mode in 91.376 kHz/85 Hz (GTF642). Degaussing must be carried out before the picture adjustments. Degaussing shall be repeated if the monitor is moved. 1) Select 91.376 kHz/85 Hz (GTF642) crosshatch test pattern. to maximum and adjust until the background is faintly visible.
  • Page 29: Grey Scale

    7.4. Grey Scale The grey scale is adjusted for 9300K colour temperature. Activate Service Mode in 91.376 kHz/85 Hz (GTF642). 7.4.1. The Most Dominant Colour The most dominant colour has been marked in a label on the deflection yoke. It may not be correct if tube or SMH card has been changed. In that case judge the most dominant colour from the tone of the picture after you have made the following adjustments.
  • Page 30: Convergence

    7.7. Convergence Reduce first the convergence error in the middle of the screen to minimum using static adjustments. After the convergence is faultless in the middle of the tube, use dynamic adjustments to eliminate the error in the edges of the tube. Static adjustments affects the whole picture area: Magnet ring set on the tube neck (horizontal + vertical) Dynamic adjustments affects a part of the picture area:...
  • Page 31: Dynamic Convergence

    7.7.4. Dynamic Convergence Deflection yoke trimmers A--- area B--- area R B B R See 7.7.3. Purity magnet rings. Do not adjust ! 446F...
  • Page 32: Allowed Error Levels For Convergence

    7.7.5. Allowed Error Levels for Convergence Area A ≤ 0.25 mm Area B ≤ 0.35 mm 7.8. Colour Purity Do not move purity magnet rings. If the purity magnet rings are found to have moved during trans- portation or handling, set them just in the original position by tracing the locking paint put on purity magnet rings and holder of beam bender and then readjust the static convergence.
  • Page 33: Screen And Faceplate Blemishes

    8. Screen and Faceplate Blemishes 8.1. Definitions of inspection conditions and terms 8.1.1. Standard observing condition Distance: 30 cm from screen face. Angle 45 from Z axis. Cosmetic inspection without raster should be done under luminance: 500lx MIN. Color and brightness 8.1.2.
  • Page 34: Glass Blemish

    8.3. Glass blemish 8.3.1. Scratch Width Length of single scratch W>0.05 No limit 0.05<W<0.10 0.10<W<0.15 0.15<W None allowed 8.3.2. Bubbles/Foreign materials Bubbles Average diameter of defects Quantity allowed Minimum distance Within any 70 mm circle 0.3---0.45 12.7 Air blister (Max. legth 6.0) 12.7 (Max.
  • Page 35 446F...
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  • Page 37 446F...
  • Page 38 446F...
  • Page 39 Spare Parts Production Description 446PRO 446F051 19” NOKIA 446PRO (EU) 446PRO 446F059 19” NOKIA 446PRO (US) Spare Parts 446F...
  • Page 40 Item no Description Code Front cover UM8180 Keypad UT1890 Power button UT1877 Light pipe UA5706 Control module (keypad) SMZ092 Demaign coil FD0194 Picture tube NM1056 Degaussing coil holder UG1077 Grounding wire SE2743 Grounding wire UC3016 Degaussing coil holder UG1023 Picture tube screw WC0543 Washer WJ0171...
  • Page 41 Item no Description Code Frame assmebly UC7130 Grounding spring UC7048 Insulator UG1064 Slide bar UG1076 Main board SMA241 Brace UC7135 Cooling plate, right UC7133 Cooling plate, left UC7132 Support frame UG1050 Connector panel assembly UC7134 Cover video UC7136 Video PCB SMY052 Base module SMH160...
  • Page 42 Item no Description Code Back cover UD0670 Type label ZZ2883 Pt screw K40x20 WN 1447 WC0354 Stand assembly US0137 Spare Parts 446F...
  • Page 43 Packing materials: Packing box ZA2597 Side top cushion ZA5025 Side bottom cushion ZA5024 LDPE---Plasticbag ZA0478 Accessories: Power cord QM0028 Power cord QM0049 Signal cable QM0308 Plastic bag ZA0502 User guide ZK0026 Installation guide ZF5834 Mac adapter QK1518 Warranty card ZF5812 * = Not normally supplied as spare part Spare Parts 446F...
  • Page 44 Spare Parts 446F...
  • Page 45 Part Item Number Description SMA241 MAIN BOARD 446F AJ0105 WW RES 5W0 3R9 K RM15 10X10 RA168 RA434 AJ2603 MO RES 2W0 22R J 6- -17 RA447 AJ2923 MO RES 2W0 470R J 6- -17 RA129 AQ2218 TPMET.AA H10 22K RM 5X10 6- -H RTA301 AW0079 PTC- -THERMISTOR 18R/25’C RM5...
  • Page 46 Part Description Item Number QM0203 CONVERGENCE CABLE 6- -POS QA301 QT0002 SPARK GAP 1.2KV +- -500V R=5.0MM SGA302 SGA303 QT0207 GLIMM LAMP 95V 6*12.5MM SGA301 QT0733 FUSE R=5.0MM T 3.15A 250V IEC FA102 QT0775 FUSE 5*20MM T 6.3A 250V 1500A QA101 SE2747 GROUNDING WIRE 446B/447U...
  • Page 47 Part Item Number Description RA440 RA441 RA442 RA443 RA444 RA445 AC4455 CHIPRES 0W1 180R 5% 0805 2 RA602 RA611 AC4457 CHIPRES 0W1 220R 5% 0805 2 RA319 RA302 RA413 RA465 RA601 RA603 RA610 RA612 RA361 AC4461 CHIPRES 0W1 330R 5% 0805 2 RA339 AC4465 CHIPRES 0W1 470R 5% 0805 2...
  • Page 48 Part Description Item Number AG3505 MF RES 0W5 11K0 F TC50 2.5 RA127 AG3519 MF RES 0W5 15K4 F TC50 2.5 RA408 AG3539 MF RES 0W5 24K9 F TC50 2.5 RA316 AG3551 MF RES 0W5 33K2 F TC50 2.5 RA340 RA446 RA474 AG3565 MF RES 0W5 46K4 F TC50 2.5 RA106 RA301...
  • Page 49 Part Item Number Description LA105 LA106 LA301 LA406 FJ0725 BEAD INDUCTOR MIN IMP360HM FRA401 FRA402 JF0025 DI 1N4148 75V 200MA DA123 DA204 DA206 DA208 DA210 DA442 DA403 DA412 DA401 DA402 DA444 JF0060 DI 1N4002 100V DA125 DA308 JF0072 DI BAV21 200V 250MA 50N DA420 DA421 JF0073 DI RGP10G 400V...
  • Page 50 Part Description Item Number SMA241H SB5218 02.00 Page 6 446F...
  • Page 51 QG0326 POWER QG0327 LL4148 LL4148 QG0327 MENU QG0327 BC857B LED1 JL0044 470R SMZ092C 446F SB5239 08.99 Page 3...
  • Page 52 SMZ092C 446F SB5239 08.99 Page 2...
  • Page 53 SMA241H SB5218 02.00 Page 12 446F...
  • Page 54 SMA241H SB5218 02.00 Page 11 446F...
  • Page 55: Power Supply

    DEMA NOTE! Q102 Safety components marked with R102 R103 must be replaced with original or approved components only. All printed boards and the back cover are also safety components. C107 D102 RE101 LL4148 400VAC QH0074 C108 PTC101 PTC102 C110 D101 GBU4K C101 C102...
  • Page 56 R269 D212 LL4148 WIDTH C236 C237 1,3-5 R223 IC202 R201 R237 R238 R239 R240 R241 R242 ST72T752J6B1 1,3-5 R203 R224 H_CENT TO KEYPAD Q201 R225 KEY_PAD TILT TEST/VPP C203 R207 R202 V_CONV RESET RESET# C201 C202 R243 BCL_ADJ C222 R271 MEMORY SUSPEND R227...
  • Page 57 N-S_COIL TILT 1,2,4,5 1,2,4,5 R337 R335 R352 C317 R351 R317 R318 100R OVER_VOLT 100R R332 D306 8k25 R348 T310 R323 T314 100R TR DUAL P/N TR DUAL P/N LL4148 T315 T312 BC557B BC557B R316 R361 R319 24k9 185V C316 220R 220R M301 27KV...
  • Page 58 185V H_RAMP 185V WIDTH-CONTROL UVLO D443 D442 D401 1,2,5 R428 470R LL4148 1N4148 1N4148 R430 R431 R486 1R00 R410 D444 D402 6,3V 681k 1N4148 C445 USB_5V 1N4148 7,5V R467 D414 T425 500V RASTER D438 D439 274k n.c. MPS2369 T411 R469 CONTROL 2N5401 R427...
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