Nokia 447ZiPlus Service Manual page 64

17” colour monitor
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Invoicing and Reporting to Tatung
Service to be Invoiced
Repair and Return Transport
Amount to be Invoiced ***
That already advised by Salo, in US Dollars, less $10 because TPM does not have to
buy spares and charge back.
Date of Invoice
Last working day of the month
Invoice to
Tatung (UK) Ltd., Stafford Park 10, Telford, TF3 3AB. England
Send to
John Satchwell, Tatung European Service, PO Box 230 Telford, TF3 3WF. England
Tatung Payment Terms
At end of month following month of Invoice {nett monthly}.
Monthly Report
Use standard Nokia format ensuring that the following data is included :
TPM Job Number,
Model and Serial Number,
Date into and out of Workshop,
Fault Code,
Circuit Reference of any parts used {Standard and Specific},
Tatung Part Numbers for any Specific Components used {this to be totalled for the month by Part Number – to facilitate
automatic replenishment}.
*** Nokia and Tatung are working together on a Warranty Adder project such that if Nokia TPMs are unable to Invoice
at Tatung Current Market prices then Nokia will consider using Tatung TPMs {project time-table as on Page 4}.
Spares Orders
{other than Auto-Replen}
Telephone :
Telefax :
Adrian Morris
Joan Thompson
Nick Roberts
John Satchwell
Administrative Matters
As per Spares Orders
Invoicing Queries
As per Spares Orders
Paul F Goldring
General Manager – EMEA Service
Direct Line : +44 1952 280308
e-mail :
Nokia Market Share
Tatung Service Contacts
+44 1952 280401
+44 1952 292096
'Where The Buck Stops'
Main PCB Issues
Telephone :
Telefax :
Andy Fearnal
Paul Guest
Gerry Lawson
Technical Help {Salo only}
As per Main PCB Issues
E.C.N. Queries {Salo Only}
As per Main PCB Issues
Lynne Coombes
Secretary to General Manger – EMEA Service
Direct Line : +44 1952 280310
e-mail :
{Tech Authority}
+44 1952 280400
+44 1952 292096

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Table of Contents

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Table of Contents