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Panasonic NEXTIVA KT-TGP 600 User Manual Page 38

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3. Select either Outgoing Log or Incoming Log from the menu (Figure 5-1).
4. Use the up ↑ and down ↓ navigator keys to scroll through the list of calls.
5. Press the green TALK/Speakerphone button to make an outbound call to the phone number on
the screen. Wait for the other party to answer, so you can speak to them before transferring the
NOTE: You will not be able to cancel the transfer until the other party answers.
6. When the second party is ready to take the call, press the XFER/CLR key again to complete the
transfer. Alternatively, you can press the red POWER/CANCEL key to complete the transfer.
NOTE: To instead cancel the transfer and return to the original party, press the CANCEL softkey
(right softkey) at the bottom of the screen twice.
Conferencing to a Party on your Call List
1. While on a call on the Panasonic KX-TPA60 handset, press the FUNC key.
2. Select Conference from the menu, or press 5 on the keypad.
3. Press the MENU softkey (middle softkey) at the bottom of the screen.
Figure 5-1: Outgoing & Incoming Logs
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