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Outgoing Calls - Panasonic NEXTIVA KT-TGP 600 User Manual

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Outgoing Calls

By default, all outbound calls from the Panasonic KX-TGP600 will use line 1. This typically causes issues
when the user of handset 2 wants to check their voicemail , which requires them to use line 2. While it is
possible to use line 2 by pressing the LINE key on the phone (and then dialing extension 9999), this
requires the user to remember to do so every time they check their voicemail. Follow the instructions
below to configure the Multi-Number Settings screen so that when a user picks up handset 2, they
automatically call out using line 2.
1. Turn Embedded Web on (see 'Enabling the Web Configuration Utility' above).
2. On the Panasonic KX-TPA60 handset, press the MENU softkey (middle softkey).
3. Select System Settings  Status  IPv4 Settings  IP Address from the menu.
4. Record the IP address that appears on the screen.
5. Enter the IP Address into the address bar of a web browser on your computer (Figure 4-15).
6. The page will display the phone's current IP Address. Enter admin as the User Name and
adminpass as the Password (Figure 4-16).
Figure 4-15: Navigate to the Phone's IP Address
Figure 4-16: Log In to Phone Interface
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