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Setting The User Mode Of The Touch Strip (Touch Strip Setting) - Pioneer TORAIZ SP-16 Operating Instructions Manual

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Setting the USER mode of the touch
Assign the parameters to operate with USER1 and USER2 of the touch strip.
Initial state
If the rotary selector is turned, the focus moves and the assignment
place can be selected.
If the rotary selector is pressed, a parameter selection pop-up appears.
If the parameter to assign is selected with the rotary selector and then
the rotary selector is pressed, the parameter is assigned.
The assigned parameter is displayed.
When this procedure is repeated in the same way to assign multiple
parameters, the parameter names are added to the list.
When the touch strip is touched, the parameters change in accordance
with the custom set values.
! Up to eight parameters can be assigned.
The [BOTTOM VALUE] value for the bottom and the [TOP VALUE] value for
the top of the touch strip can be set using the parameter adjustment knobs.
The setting value for each assigned parameter can be set, and the value
of the place with the focus on it is displayed.
If the [DELETE] button is tapped while the focus is on a parameter to be
deleted, the confirmation dialog box appears.
If [OK] is tapped, the assignment is deleted.