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Deleting A Project - Pioneer TORAIZ SP-16 Operating Instructions Manual

Professional sampler
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Saving a project
1 Tap [
The PROJECT screen appears on the touch display. In the project screen,
you can perform operations such as loading and saving projects.
2 Turn the rotary selector to select [SAVE] and then
press the rotary selector.
A saving window pops up. The progress is indicated by a progress bar in
the pop-up screen.
! When saving is completed, the pop-up windows disappears and the
project screen appears.
! To change the project name and then save the project, select
[SAVE AS], enter a project name, and then save the project.
! If the [SAVE TO USB] button is tapped when a USB device is
inserted, the project is saved to the USB device.

Deleting a project

Turn the rotary selector to select [DELETE] and then
press the rotary selector.
An existing project can be deleted.
Changing the settings of the entire track
The settings of each pad can be configured.
[VELOCITY] of a pad can be enabled or disabled.
When this is ON, the playback volume of the sound source changes
according to the strength that the pad is hit.
When this is OFF, the sound source plays at a fixed volume which is
dependent on [VELOCITY] set in [AMP ENVELOPE].
The default varies depending on the analysis result of the sample.
When 1SHOT sound source: ON
When loop sound source: OFF
Exclusive control between tracks can be set.
Tracks set to the same CHOKE No. become unable to be played at the
same time.
! "--" (none), [1], [2], [3], [4], [5], [6], [7], or [8] can be selected.
! The default is "--" (none).
The track color can be set to any of 16 colors.